Chapter 5

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"Layla!" I heard London scream. "Layla, mel on the phone." I opened my eyes. I cried myself to sleep since I kept replaying my miscarriage in my mind. it hurt. I'm tired. I looked at London and grabbed my phone. "Hello? " "Come open the door. " I looked at the phone and saw it read 'Mel'. "OK" I got up and went to the door. when I opened it I saw him with ihop in his hands. "I got you your usual." he walked in and set the food down. "Talk. " I said sternly. "She's pregnant." I looked. "Congrats." was all I could mumble out. "You don't want me?" "No! We came here to build a life together. Not with somebody else." I picked up my food and walked to the couch with London. "Malaysia it wasn't suppose to happen like that! it was a one time thing." I laughed and kept eating. This omelet was giving me life. "So I guess you want me to get my stuff and leave?" "Bingo!" I shouted. He looked and walked towards my room. I took another bite of my food and went behind him. "Oh and take them Jordan's off your feet. they're mine." He looked at me and took them off. "You trifling." "Nigga you ain't about to be looking good for another female in the things I bought you!" Shoot. I couldn't lie. Jamel was perfect. He was Puerto Rican and black and He had a washboard body. his hair was long and he knew just licking his lips would get any girl moist. He was the type of nigga that niggas hated and females wanted babies by. He had his faults and I had mine but I would be lying if I said this nigga wasn't shit. I got through school with his help and everything I needed I had and He didn't care what He had to do. So making it official that I didn't want him was a surprise to us both. I sat down and my phone rung. I looked down and it read 'Mike'. "Hello?" I said. "Have you eaten breakfast yet?" "Yeah. I just got started on it actually." "Well I need to talk to you. can I come over?" At that moment Mel turned around and looked at me with anger in his eyes. "Yeah But I'm gone need you to give me 30 minutes." I hung up and Mel threw his things in a bag and walked towards me. I stayed sitting down and he sat beside me and looked at me twirling a string of my hair. "You're upset, I'm sorry. I love you. granted,  I wasn't thinking about you and London when I was with that hoe but I can't undo what's done. I love you and I'm gone keep saying it until I feel that you believe me. I'm gone leave and give you time to get things together. Call me. Whenever!" He got up and walked off. I sat there thinking. London came in and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Call Mike." I got up and laughed..

*10minutes later *

Mike came over and grabbed me and kissed me so passionate. I pulled away and looked around to see if London saw. luckily she was in the bathroom. "I'm a dog ass nigga. I shouldn't have left you." he kissed me again. once again I pulled away. "Mike it's fine. Stop." London walked out the bathroom and ran to Mike. He picked her up and kissed her forehead. "London can I talk to your sister for a second?" She shook her head up and down and went to the couch and Mike pulled me in my room. He looked at the mess Mel left and looked like he wanted to question me But didn't. "Tell me what happen. The full story." "Well I found out I was pregnant and I cried because I was so young. I couldn't believe that I had given up my golden ticket to college. Then one day I managed to get out of bed and talked to my sisters, and they made me call you. Ole girl  answered with a lot to say and I just left it at that. I made up my mind to get an abortion and when the time came I had gotten attached. I cried more, and more. Then one night I woke up to pee and my bed was soaked. I turned on the light and it was blood every where. I cried and went to the hospital and I lost it. I mean there was Nothing more I could do then other than go to college and get my life together."

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