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"BUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! HE FRICKING SAID THAT!!! I KNEW IT!! I SO KNEW IT!!!" I laugh out as I pound the table with a fist. It was after school and I had gotten back talking with Coach about my Tournaments. Haruhi explained to me that Kyouya and The Twins had asked her if she had Formal Dancing. Well........Guess I Got out of it!!! :D

_____________------------_____TIME SKIP!!!!!________---------_____________

"Quick, quick slow. Good Work Haruhi!" Kanako says as she basically swings Haruhi over the Music Room. " Now on the slow you should, bring your feet together. Remember the gentleman always lead."

I sigh as I lean farther back into Tamaki's corner. I look up at Tamaki as he sits on the windowsill above me. I poke his leg and try and see if he is still alive, I mean COME ON.... No one is ever that quiet while sulking!!! I huff out as I curl back into my ball position and sit on his foot. WOOF I SHALL PROTECT THE IDIOT KING! :3

THUD- My eyes pop out a bit.... Haruhi NO NOT YOUR INNOCENCE!!! WHYYY!!! Oh.....I should probably go help them get up......NAHH I'm too tired for that anyway. Kanako knows exactly what to do in THAT situation I see as she links her arms around Haruhi's neck.. EWWWW MY INNOCENCE!!!! On the floor and EVERYTHING...

"Why so gloomy boss?" The Devil Twins say as they sign the Death Note.... Oh wait I just described Kyouya!!! WHOOPS :/

Tamaki sags a it more, milking up the dramatics...Man I wonder if he would be any good onstage....LIGHTBULB!!!

"I bet it because HE wanted to be the one Haruhi practices with." Hikaru says as he looks at his younger twin before going on being the Devils...

"I think you may be right, but he's way too tall to be the stand-in for a woman." Kaoru says as they continue pestering the Dark King. Heh, batman.......BANANAS

I clear my throat at that thought but look up from my ball position. That catches the attention of the Twins. "Actually......I could've stood in but NOOO!!!" I huff and sink back into the corner some more. Yes....I'm still sitting on Tamaki's foot.... heh...

"Why are sitting down there Bell-Chan?" They say in sync as they wrap each others arms around another, and lean down to  my face.

I put on my dead-pan look and poke both their cheeks before saying "OH now you NOTICE me!"

I drop my hands into my lap and put my head on my knees and start fake sobbing, just without the noises. I feel a slight change in the aura before I feel hands on my back and head. I yelp and jump up from the attack.. MUST RUN FROM SPARTA!!! I run away from the Twins and onto Haruhi's back before hiding my head in her shoulder. She pats my head before sending a quick glare and questioning look to the Twins,  before adjusting to my weight. More or less though......I think I ruined Kanako's moment....Opps???

_________--------_______((ANOTHER)) TIME SKIP________--------_______

"Thank you SO much for allowing me to practice with you, I really appreciate it!" Haruhi says as she stands by Kanako at the table.

Kanako rubs her face before saying, "Oh, no problem, I heard your not seeing any customers today, so that you can practice dancing today"

DANG that woman put a lot of charm for that... Heh...Charm......Ok the host club is starting to annoy me just a smidge..... OKAY A whole lot more then a SMIDGE!! The twins keep trying to touch me....MERPPPPPP!!!!! Me like no touchy of de body!! Stupid hormonal teenage boys in this filthy-. My rant gets cut off ONCE AGAIN might I add, as Kanako's finance walks into the room... Opps did I mess up the story...HMMM Nope we're good. Hey don't judge Kyouya just likes to talk to me!!! <3

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