Misunderstood and Confused. GirlxGirl We Are The In Crowd love story.

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Hey Guys i'm backkkk with a new story, this an We Are The In Crowd story cause im addicted to them atm and Tay is just gorgeous. Anyway hope you enjoy it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 

Lehava P.O.V: 

Today i have a new project, I'm taking pictures of this band called We Are The In Crowd. I haven't heard of them all i know is their names cause my boss told me. As i come out of the bathroom after dispensing my lunch, i finish brushing my teeth and head over to my camera when i hear people out side.

"Okay, where are they?" I ask my boss.

But he didn't need to answer, when i turned around they were standing behind me.  When the introduce themselves i couldn'nt take my eyes of Tay, i don't know what its is but i swear her eyes twinkled, she has me trapped in her gaze. A tap on my shoulder kicks me back into reality, i shake my head and walk over to my camera. 

I tell them to just make poses serious and funny. We end up in giggles when Jordan wont be serious and keeps making funny faces. 

After the photo shoot someone enters, Alex from All Time Low, he goes over to Tay and kisses her and they leave. What is this feeling in my stomach? I turn around and go back to the bathroom and suddenly start to cry, what is wrong with me, we've only just met! 

I try to forget everything and head over to my motorbike and head home.

sorry it's so short, i didn't know what else to put :/ xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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