Don't be perfect.

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Chapter 14!!!!

*Amiie's P.O.V*

So its been a week since i told Justin i went to the doctors and he's been so incredibly sweet, he's taking me to the studio with him while he works

It's nice to be with him all the time

just to know when i look back he'll be there or if i fall he'll catch me


'Huh, yeah?' i say

'You alright?'

'Just daydreaming'

'Nothing new then' he said while kissing my nose

'Your cute'

'Your perfect'

'Don't be'

'What dose that mean'

'You'll find out'



Anywayyyyy frappè?'



Alright, leggo'

Sorry for it being so late,short&crap!!! -Amy💕💕💕💕

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