Chapter 70 ~ back home

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Louis' pov

so today I come back home from tour back to my family most of all. I missed them so much and seeing them through a tiny screen isn't the same as seeing them everyday is person. we arrived at the airport in australia and flew home. 

back in london

we arrived in London and we collected our luggage and then I tried to spot Emily and when I did she poined me out to Chloe and she smiled. when I got closer chloe said something

"da-dada" she says 

"did she just say dada" i say

"yep she hasn't stopped saying it since we arrived" emily says welcoming me with a hug and hands me chloe and I say

"chloe who's this" i say

"mu-muma" she says 

"very clever girl" i say and kiss her cheek

"right before we go I need the toilet so won't be long" Emily says and niall comes up with zayn and say

"hey mate" niall says 

"hi guess what chloe just said" i say

"what did she say mate" zayn says

"she said dada and then muma" i say

"omg isn't she clever" niall says 

"yeah" i say and emily comes back and says hi to the boys before we leave

we arrive home and we put her in her cott and emily comes up to me and kisses me and I pick her up and we end up having sex without protection which means probably another baby on the way

authors note: hey guys nearly finished this book keep an eye out for new books also Louis on the side

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