Chapter 21

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This reminds me of when she was kidnapped. She's gone.

This reminds me of how I've failed her so many times.

First she gets kidnapped, and now this.

Currently all of the Magcon family, and Hayley, are waiting in the waiting room of the hospital.

Everyone is silent. she couldn't have left us, she wouldn't.

"I'm going to go see what's up" Nash says softly.

We all nod and he walks away quickly.

Who would do this to her? Why would they want to?

I can't get the awful image of her still body laying on the floor. All the blood and her pale face.

She looked dead, but I know she isn't.

I just have this feeling in my gut that she's not dead. I know that she is still alive.

Nash walks back into the room slowly.

Poor Nash he loves her so much and this happened. Hayes still doesn't know about it though. I wonder what he would think.

"Well?" Cameron asks

"She's in surgery right now. But she lost a lot of blood, so it's not looking too good." Nash says

He has tears streaming down his cheeks and his eyes are puffy. I'm sure I look no better, so I shouldn't say anything.

I can feel tears swelling up in my eyes and then they start to silently fall.

I don't even bother to wipe them away, because everyone else is crying too.

Everyone else is crying. Wow, that just shows how big of an impact she has on all of these people. She means so much to everyone, we can't loose her!

I hope she knows how precious she is to everyone.

I feel like she never noticed, but I don't see how.

I know that she's hiding something from me. And I know it's something big.

Of course I want to know, but I don't know how to ask her.

"Guys, honestly I don't think that she would want us moping around. She would want us to be happy and remembering all the memories we had with her. Does anyone have any funny stories?" Nash tells us

Shawn starts to smile, then giggles a little.

We all turn and look at him.

"I remember that time that she fell on her face when we were going to sing together. You guys didn't see it but it was really funny." He tells us.

Everyone smiles and then they start sharing stories.

I go off into my own world thinking about things that we have done.

We've laughed and cried together. And our kisses have been perfect.

The way she smiles, the way her beautiful blue eyes twinkle, the way her cheeks turn and light shade of pink when I give her a complement.

The way she laughs, the way she can brighten your saddest day just by talking to you.

She is pure perfection. I love her so much. I want to down every moment of my life with her.

That is if she's ok.

Of course she's ok, Matt. Don't think that.

"Matt, are you ok? you literally haven't said one word." Carter asks me

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