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So we all got changed and sat around for a but and it was boring!
The concert started at 8:00pm so we had ages it was only 3:00 and I had a massive surprise for the boys which I had to tell them now so I stood up and told them
"Guys I have some good and bad news?"
All attention turned to me and I told them.
"Ok then bad news first...i lied I don't have any tickets for blink-182"
All of their jaws dropped
"What's the good news?"
Michael said.
"We don't need tickets as we get through free with you's being blink-182's supporting act!"
They all ran up and have me a hug
"Can't breathe!!!"
I shouted and they let
go they were all buzzing!
We had to leave now because they had to do rehearsals but the manager had already heard them because I sent him a recording and he was so happy with it!

We got in the car and drove to the arena all the boys were hyper an I was so happy to see them like this! Luke was sitting right next to me in the back and he set a kiss on my cheek! he whispered in my ear
"You really are amazing and the best girl in the world! wanna know the best thing?"
I looked at him confused
I said.
"You're all mine!"
I started laughing and got out as we turned up at the arena.
At the door I was greeted by the manager
"Hello Sophie it great to meet you! Ahh you must be Luke Calum Michael and Ashton? Nice to meet you!"
All the boys were gobsmacked and couldn't talk but so were Megan Connie and Tayla! I was so happy
"So let's get you meeting the boys they are very excited and I have told them all about you! If you follow me!"
Sorry guys it has been so long and I have been very busy but I am gonna update a very long chapter later so please stay tuned! I am very sorry!

Until next time little penguins
-Sophie xxxxxxxxxxx😀

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