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  The sun was shining over the small city, a small child and her mother were outside playing. The child laughed and ran up to her mother with a hug.

  "There's my little girl!" The mother said with a smile on her face and small laughter following afterwards.

  The child looked up at her with a smile and giggled. Then the mother grabbed her child around the waist and lifted her up into the air. She made swishing sounds as she held her little girl in her arms. They played for hours until the sounds of a roaring beast were heard. The mother and the child were playing patty cake when she looked away from her daughter and toward the sound.

  Her face turned to a frown at the sight. Shadows rose from the ground and lifted toward the sky. Just inside these shadows were hidden figures who some, had wings, and others did not. Above the vortex was the sun shining down upon the darkness. The light seemed to be like a golden dust which had fallen from the sun.

  The two met and fire spread around in a ring as some figures from the shadows came down toward the little child. The mother looked away at the bright flames and grabbed her child.

  "It's time to go inside," the mother said sternly, but in a worried manner.

  "But mom-," the child protested.

  "Come on, we must go inside!" The mother repeated as a man came to get the daughter,"take her inside and get her to somewhere safe!"

  The man nodded and grabbed the child. The child screamed out for her mother as the figures approached closer and closer. The figures looked like demons from the underneath.

  "Don't worry! I will always be with you," She yelled out to her child as the man took her away.

 The child's eyes were filled with tears and her arms were held out wide toward her mother. She screamed out for her mom until a demon came up behind her. The man got her into the house and they ran to the basement which was deeper under the ground than any other basement. The girl and the man ran to the corner of the basement where she laid her head in her arms and her arms on her knees.

  The man sat close to her and hugged her while stroking her hair.

  "Your going to be alright, noting is going to happen to you," the man repeated multiple times.

  Crashing sounds could be heard above the basement that they had hidden in hours ago and small pebbles of concrete fell from the ceiling. The roaring and sounds of war continued on. The little girl continued to cry until her eyes were dry, and the man had still been stroking her hair. The little girl looked up at the man. Her face was red from crying.

  "Will I see my mommy ever again?" The little girl asked quietly.

  The man did not answer, but he gave her a reassuring look. Suddenly a huge thud was heard above them and so was the screaming of people who lived in nearby homes being killed. A demon crashed through the basement roof and stared at the man and the little girl. The little girl hid away as the man stood up to face this demon.

  "You will not hurt this little girl!" He said as he charged at the demon.

  The demon roared and charged at him as well. They colidded into each other as the man suddenly had wings and a sword which was using to block the demon from doing any harm to the little girl and himself. The man had chains around his waist and his jeans were now a bit ripped, as well as his shirt which had turned from a nice black shirt to a white ripped-up shirt.

  The man pushed the demon away and into the wall. The demon made a huge hole in the wall too.The man turned back toward the little girl.

  "We must get going now!" He demanded before the little girl could say another word. He grabbed her around her waist and ran upstairs and out into the streets were a massive battle of angels and demons continued on. The man started running away from the battle and to the other side of the city as an angel flew down toward him.

  "Get her to safety! We got you covered," The angel said.

  "Thank you," the man said gratefully.

  The man looked away from the angel and continued running. The little girl watched the war rage on as he ran away from the battle field. Her eyes filled with tears as they left home. Everything she knew no longer existed. Then she saw her mother come crashing through the wall while a demon came straight after her. Her mother laid on the ground helplessly with wings just like the man's. She looked up toward the demon as it raised its sword.

  "Mom!" The girl cried out as the demon raised his sword.

  Her mother and the demon couldn't hear her as her mother's life ended, and her daughter watched it too.

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