Chapter 6

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Naill pov

I couldn't believe what this doctor just said. Ella is in a coma. I couldn't hold in the tears in my eyes anymore. Too many thought was going through my head.Why does everyone I care about get hurt.Why. I need some fresh air I need to get my thoughts together. I rush out of the hospital room without saying anything. The boys knew not to go after me when I in this kind of state. I'm not the one to be able to every single thing that is thrown at me like the boys can. Now i know why all the fans say I'm the weakest in the group.Ella was the only person who could make ne feel like nothing else matters. I wish she didn't have to go through this I would give anything for her not to be in the position that she is in. Because it's not fair after all she has been through she can never have a damn break.

Zayns pov

I was right Niall does have feelings for Ella. Because he wouldn't have made sure he ran faster than harry so he could go comfort Ella and talk her into performing. Why would he storm out of the hospital.And why did he hold her hand the whole way to the hospital. For comfort mabye about 30 percent but the rest is all his feeling for her. I know that Niall doesn't realize his feelings but he soon will.

Liam pov

Ella just got here like a week ago and already gets hurt. I can never let something happen like this again. Simon put me and louis in charge of protecting her. Wow what great protector I am. But I know one thing I will never and I repeat never let her get hurt again.

Harry pov

Keep it together. Keep it together harry don't let the fall please don't be strong for ella", I said in my head trying to be strong. She's not dead and she won't be not to day trust and believe that. Pretty much all the the boys have lost their heads especially Naill and louis. Niall stormed out the hospital but he will probably be back right at ella's side. Louis is hysterical curled up on the floor crying. Liam looks like he's about to punch himself. And well zayn is  calm even though you can tell he is upset. Because he is reading a poetry book. Poetry keeps zayn calm I takes him to another world. Since liam is no longer trying to stay strong I guess im going to have to take his place for today. But I hope ella wakes up soon.

Louis pov

I couldn't stop crying.I know i sound like a girl but I can't help it. I mean ella is like my sister. I look at her like she's my sister. I don't know if she's even going to wake up. It's fithy fithy if she's going to wake up or not.

Doctors pov

Great here's my chance.To get my revenge.You see Ella is my daughter and she is beautiful. I already know that what happened between Elaine and ella.So yeah I left her because I couldn't stand ella. I never wanted a child and  if Jessie let me kill her than maybe we could have stayed together.  But now I'm here to finish what I couldn't finish then because of Jessie. But Jessie isn't here anymore is she?

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