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We didn't get suspended, instead we had to go home and think about what we did and how to move on, tomorrow we have a mediation session.

I seriously dreaded going to college again!

I got home and dropped face first onto my bed.

"Why couldn't I control my anger?

Why was I in love with a dickhead?

Why did I have backstabbing friends?

Why am I talking to myself?"

I stood up and walked downstairs to the main room I turned up the stereo high and listened to drowning music. I started dancing and swung my head to the left in excitement. I did a double take as I saw a large bottle of vodka sitting on the granite kitchen table, it beckoned to me and there was no going back. I turned off the music and walked slowly towards it. The cap wasn't hard to open, I chugged at it and drank it. The taste was revolting yet addictive. I poured glass after glass until the room started spinning, I dropped to the ground and passed out.


"Mia, MIA wake up," my mother screamed.

I sat up trying to recognise everything surrounding me.







I was in the main room, I lifted up my watch hesitantly, 12:00!

It was midnight, my forehead killed, I was experiencing my first hangover, alone and upset.

My mother noticed the bottle in my hand and the vomit around the living room.

"You are grounded, go up to your room and that is all we shall talk about it"

I struggled to get up, but I did. I walked slowly up the stairs to my depressing room. I collapsed onto my bed, "I HATE YOU MUM."

With that I fell asleep, I didn't feel the need to tell her I had gotten into a fight, she wouldn't care anyway; she knows nothing about my life.

For that I truly hated my mother, she was merely an acquaintance.

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