Taylors arrival

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Mariah's 'pov'

Taylor should be here in 10 min. I am very excited I haven't seen him in a while! Marisa and I went up to our rooms and decided to unpack our clothes which turned into a 10min dance party cuz we were listening to "MMM Yeah" by Austin Mahone and "Flights" by Jack and Jack "3000 miles by Emblem 3. Then there was a knock on the door. We opened it to see Taylor I ran over and hugged him. I really missed him. He was wearing a Aaron shirt with a red bandana and some red basketball shorts.

"Taylor I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too Mariah!"

"Hey Taylor so nice to see you again!"

"Hi Marisa still weird as ever!"

"You know it bandana boy!"

"Okay so the rest of the boys will be here in an hour so what do y'all want to do?" Tay asked. "How about to the play place!" great suggestion Marisa 😏

Ok sorry this is short but I will try and update soon

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