Chapter 4

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"We did pretty good on that, I gotta say." Luke grinned softly as we exited Biology class for lunch as well as the rest of the noisy students piling out the door.

I laughed and shook my head. Over the past 2 weeks, I had warmed up well to Luke. He turned out to be just like me, really. We both loved animals, both had our enemies and unbelievably, he too was a genius at Math. Luke definately was not the person I thought he was. He was gentle, sweet, and we only knew each other for a fortnight. Today, to be exact. I felt comfortable when I was around him, unlike anybody else. We just seemed to click so well, like as if we were made for each other. Sometimes, he got cross over silly stuff and to be totally honest, it was a bit scary, but otherwise things were good between us.

"We should definately pass that project." I grinned as we climbed up the steps to the cafeteria. Luke laughed and looked around, as if trying to find someone he had lost.

"Yeah. After you kept putting glue in my hair." Luke mumbled, digging his hand into his pocket. I laughed softly and lightly hit him on the arm.

"Luke! That was because you kept sticking those bits of paper down my top." I giggled as we walked towards the food shop, or whatever that place was called. Luke pulled out his hand from his pocket, holding a crumpled $5 bill between his slender fingers.

"You want something?" Luke turned to face me, looking down at me with a small, gentle smile on his lips. I glanced at the floor and tucked my hair behind my ear. For some reason, every time Luke looked into my eyes, I just couldn't hold eye contact.

"No, thank you. I brought lunch today." I laughed, waving a foil-wrapped salad roll in the air. Luke rolled his eyes and grinned softly.

"You're an idiot." He smirked, while asking the lady for a chocolate-chip muffin as he handed her the money and took the bun from her. "Why do you think that?" I smiled as we walked down an isle to find a bench for ourselves amidst what seemed like thousands of students chatting, laughing and who knows what else. Finally, we spotted a free seat down beside Nat and Ashton. Speaking of Nat, I hadn't seen her in days. All I did was hung out with Luke. I didn't really have much free time, my sister was really protective and never let me out after 10pm, even though I was 17 years old, and I was old enough to look after myself.

Luke and I squashed in between a bunch of students sitting across from our table. He nodded a small 'Hi' to Ashton and sat down, pulling his arms up from underneath the table and tearing open the plastic of the muffin, scooting over slightly to make room for me to sit. I smiled at Nat once we made eye contact.

"Where have you been?" She squealed, leaning over and grabbing my hands from across the table. I laughed quietly.

"Busy." I joked, unsure of how to say I was hanging out with Luke all this time. She glanced over at Luke and grinned softly at me.

"Him?" She said, obviously surprised at the fact that I was here, with Luke, after what she had seen when we were together last. When he ran into me in the hall. I kept a straight face and glanced quickly at Luke. "What about him?"

"You guys. Dating?" She grinned in disbelief as she pointed her finger at me, then Luke, then me. I looked at Luke quickly and laughed as we both shook our heads.

"No, no. Just friends." I grinned, my fingers running down the length of my dark, brown hair. How could she think we were a couple?

I let a few awkward moments pass, prodding and poking at my roll making sure all the little bits and pieces were kept inside the bread, before opening my mouth to speak again. " are you guys?" I asked plainly, taking a bite of my roll and switching a finger between Nat and Ashton. They exchanged confused looks, but didn't ask of it.

"Great," Ashton slowly smiled at me as Nat gave him a little sideward wink, making him chuckle. I rolled my eyes. She acted so innocent when truthfully, she was a little whore when it came to Ashton. I nodded and quickly swallowed my food, frantically wrapping up the foil back over the roll and swiping the back of my hand over my mouth to clean it. "We have to go," I said, grabbing Luke's arm and pulling him up from the bench. I looked at him, a look of confusion on his face and like I just interrupted something very important to him. Don't ask questions, I pleaded in my head. But being Luke's curious self, of course he would have to say something.

"No, Isabella. I thought you said we'd stay with these for lunch today?" He said innocently, biting his bottom lip softly. I stopped for a second, my eyes attached to the sight of his teeth gently chewing on his bottom lip. They looked so appealing. I shook my head quickly and tore my eyes from Luke's lips up to his sea-blue eyes. God, I hope he didn't notice, I thought.

"Uhm, I need to study." I tried to slow my breaths, despite the pressure of my heart pounding against my ribcage. "Will you come with me?"

Luke grinned a little and looked back to Ashton, rolling his eyes. Were they friends or what?

"Jeez, if you wanted that why didn't you just ask." he shook my grip from his arm and looked at me once before climbing from the wooden bench, adjusting his light grey and black striped shirt properly over his body. My eyes travelled down his body, stripes looked pretty good on him. But instead of answering him back, which I had a habit of doing to everyone, I decided to stay quiet. I didn't want him to get angry at me, and I definately hope that if he did see me checking him out, he won't think too much about it, because I was afraid he'd hold it against me.

We walked in silence down the steps of the cafeteria and through the doors of the school auditorium, which we had to pass through to get to our lockers. Luke was in the class above me, and he was leading me out to his locker. Or I was following him.

I struggled to keep up with him: his long legs carried his tall, muscular frame quickly through the halls.

"Where are we going?" I called to him, pushing my hair back from my eyes as I finally caught up to Luke's side.

Without looking at me, he said "Well you said we were going to study, so i'm getting my books." he rolled his eyes as we finally reached his, locker number 88. He unlocked it and carelessly pulled out two or three worn textbooks, dropping them on the ground as he fumbled around to carry all of them at the one time. "Fuck it," he grumbled, bending down to retrieve them. He shut the locker with a bang and began walking back down the way he came just moments before. Since I had my books already packed in my leopard print bag, I paced after him and we stayed silent the whole walk to the library.

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