Chapter 8: Their Coming Home

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Chapter 8: Their Coming Home

I think my mom and Granny carried me to the forest because that is where I woke up. By the Troll Bridge. I called Leah again and asked her to come and pick me up. She said she would.

When she got here she carried into the car and what she didn't tell me was that Henry was with her. I sat next him and he grabbed my hand. I held on like it was the only thing that would get rid of the pain in my leg.

When we got to Leah's house she carried me inside and put me in the couch. Henry sat next to me still holding my hand. My mom called and asked Leah if I could stay here for now. She said that it was fine. So I sat on the couch she Henry just about the whole time.

When they where about to take me back into the woods when David (Prince Charming) walked in all angry like and he through my cape on the ground and went upstairs. Leah and Henry quickly grabbed it and helped me put it on. Then my mom walked in with her cape on and Leah said,"Stay down here and do what you want just don't come upstairs."

When she went upstairs Henry sat down next to me and grabbed my hand. I laid my head on his shoulder and after a few minutes we all few asleep.

When I woke up Henry was awake but still sitting next to me. My head was still on his shoulder. I looked up at him and he said "Good morning."

"Good morning," I replied.

"How do you feel?" He asked.

"Fine. Just a little hungry that's all," I answered.

Then I smelled it. BACON! Henry helped me over and I got some breakfast. So did the others. Before I left Henry gave me a kiss on the cheek. My moms mouth was wide open.

As my mom and I where walking back she asked,"Are you and Henry a "couple"."

"I think so," I replied blushing.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked.

"Well you see I've been doing a lot lately and I didn't have anytime to tell you,"I answered.

"Ok. You know I love you right?" She said pulling me into a hug.

"I love you more," I said hug her back.

After that we went to Golds shop because rad got a call that the others where there. When we walked in Henry and I walked over to a corner in the room, held hands, and talked.

"So what happened to David?" I asked.

"He went under the sleeping cruse so that he can tell Emma and Mary Margaret how to get back home," he replied.

I saw something on his arm and asked,"What's on your arm?"

"Well sense I have already been under the sleeping cruse. I tried to tell them how to get back home but something went wrong and I woke up with these burns," he said rolling up his slave.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Ya they don't hurt," he replied.

"I hope not,"I said grabbing his hand again.

"Henry lets go and to the well to go and get Emma and Mary when they get back," Leah said.

"Do you want to come?" Henry asked.

"No I'm just going to stay here," I answered.


A/N: Hey just saying to remember to read petlover234's fanfic about OUAT (Once Upon A Time) to find more about Leah.



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