Chapter 7- The Long Journey Begins

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He looked back at me. “You’re serious…you saw my sister?” he asked. I nodded. “Yes, she came to my house 2 weeks ago” I said. “Now…you’re sure it was her?” he asked. “Positive, same girl I saw on the TV screen that day” I said. He sighed and paused for a few seconds before continuing. “What did she do?” he asked. “First, she started talking to me. She told me I was the one and that out of every girl in the world I was worthy. Then she told me to go to him and help him discover, and that I was his destiny” I said. “And…that him is me” he said. “Yeah, I had a dream on my flight over here about you, she was telling me it was about you” I said. “Now…why did you make the flight in the first place?” he asked. “Well, after she had talked to me, she touched me and left a shockwave throughout my body, than seconds later she disappeared. After that, I just felt a huge urge to come here, like something was dragging me here” I said. He batted his eyes a few times. “Wait…you said she touched you?” he asked. “Yeah, why?” I asked. “I think I may know what’s going on. Oh…and I don’t think you’re nuts, I believe you” he said. I smiled. “Come with me” he said. He grabbed me by my wrist and started dragging me. “Wait” I said. He turned back to me. “I can’t leave my suitcases here” I said. “You brought suitcases?” he asked. “Duh, if I’m gonna help you find Anna’s kidnapper, I’m gonna be here a while” I said. “Oh, well, go grab those” he said. I ran back over and grabbed my suitcases. I struggled as I carried all the bags. He came up to me. “Need help?” he asked. I nodded. “Thanks” I said. He grabbed 2 of my bags. He looked down at it, then back up at me. His look of confusion and fear went away and a softer look came upon his face. He actually smiled a little. “Rae?” he asked. I looked at him weirdly, but then looked down at my bag, it had my name on it. I looked back up at him, he smiled a little bit more. “That’s your name?” he asked. I even smiled a little too. “Yeah” I said. “Beautiful name” he said. I giggled. “Thank you” I said. He looked back down. “Rae Eva Dawson…that’s so pretty” he said. He finally smiled full out, he really has a gorgeous smile. He looked back up at me. “You’re blessed with a nice name, mine is so plain” he said. “What’s your middle name?” I asked. “James” he said. “Niall James Horan…I like it” I said. He giggled. “Well, let’s head to my place” he said. “Your place?” I asked. “You’ll see” he said. We walked about 10 minutes down the road until we reached a whole row of houses. “There’s mine, come on” he said. We walked up to the house and walked in. When we walked into the living room, I saw a woman and man on one couch and a younger man on the couch. They all looked up at Niall and I. “Niall sweetheart, who is this?” the woman asked. “Mom, this is Rae Dawson, she’s from…um…” he began. “Albany, New York” I said. “Right, she’s here to help” he said. “How can she help?” the older man asked. “She’s seen Anna” Niall said. All of them looked as if they have all seen the ghost themselves. Niall’s mom stood up and walked up to me. “You…you’ve seen my little girl?” she asked. I nodded. “She came to me 2 weeks ago. She told me I was the one destined to come here and help your son find her kidnapper” I said. “And she also touched Rae and shocked her body. After that, Rae got feelings and urges to come here” Niall said. All 3 of them froze, what’s the big deal about the urges I’ve been getting?

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