Preference # 21: Can't help falling in Love by Ingrid Michealson

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Calum: Would it be a sin If I can’t help falling in love with you

(His P.O.V.)

The guys and I had just gotten home from tour a few days ago and I was looking forward to spending my time off sleeping. Once I’d gotten off the plane, I was exhausted and fell asleep the minute my head touched the pillow. My sister called me yesterday around noon and asked me to pick my niece and nephew up from school, apologizing repeatedly for waking me up. I was a little grumpy about it at first but I was excited to see them again. I’d gotten them each a few presents while on tour so I figured I’d take them with me when I went to pick them up. I grabbed a snapback and my keys, holding presents for the kids under one arm. Mali told me that the nanny would be there to take care of the kids after a few hours so figured I’d take the kids out for ice cream and to a park while we waited for her. When I got to the school, I went to the office and smiled at the assistant at the window. I told her I was there to pick up my niece and nephew and not ten minutes later, my sister’s kids came running down the hall and hugged my legs. “Uncle Calum!! We missed you so much!!” I gugged them both tightly, trying not to cry. I always missed them when I was away. Sometimes Mali would let them skype with me before they went to bed and it always brightened my day. 

Michael: Wise men say only fools rush in But I can’t help falling in love with you

"Michael we can’t do this anymore" you cried out. "I don’t give a damn what your parents say I love you!" Michael screamed back at you trying to reach for you "Michael no! please my parents are right we can’t do this anymore" You had just left your parents house after them meeting Michael for the first time and from the first second they laid eyes on him they didn’t like him they didn’t believe you truly loved each other and that you were to young to know what love is. You had driven back to Michael’s house and were outside fighting. "Please come inside" "No Michael I can’t do this" You sobbed falling to the ground. Michael ran over wrapping his arms around you burying his face in your neck planting kisses all over you "Please come inside" Michael picked you up carrying you inside the house and placing you on the couch. "Baby wise men say fools rush in but I can’t help falling in love with you I love you today I’ll love you tomorrow and the day after nothing will change how I feel about you I’ll love you forever and I will spend the rest of my life with you"

Ashton: Some things are meant to be So won’t you please take my hand, and take my whole life too

Cause I can’t help falling in love, in love with you

You and Ashton have been together for 3 years. 3 years exactly since today was your anniversary. Ashton had an entire day planned out for you around London. He took you to all your favorite places and then took you two to where you first met “Do you remember this?” He asked parking the car and walking out “How could I forgot? This is where I found the love of my life” Ashton giggled putting an arm around you walking down the street then walking to the restaurant where you had your first date then to the second date and to your one year anniversary. He went back to the car and drove to an unfamiliar place “Do you remember here” you looked around confused “uhh no” you laughed looking apologetically “well I’m not surprised but I do the first time you came here long before you met me you came here with your friends and you said you always wanted to take the person you loved here” FInally it all came back. You and your best friends had come to Warwick Castle on spring break when you were visting London one of your friends ust have told him about it. “Now I remember and finally I can take someone that I truly love here” You walked around with him shwoing him all the things you remember and sharing stories of your time there finally you can to a long corridor that was beautifully decorated “Must be having a wedding or something” you suggested walking down the corridor “Babe” Ashton said stopping you “You know I love you right?” “of course why?” Ashton dropped to one knee taking your hands in his “We’ve spent the last three years together and I’ve never been happier in my life the time I spend with you I wouldn’t change it for the world some things are just meant to be so please take my hand and my whole life too cause I can’t help falling in love with you will you make me the happiest man in the world and do the honor of becoming my wife?” Ashton asked pulling a ring out of his pocket. “Yes of course Ash!” He jumped up picking you up and kissing you.

Luke: Like a river flows so surely to the sea Oh my darling so it goes

Some things are meant to beYou and your friends were outside waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer concert to start. You were the first in line and you had been there for hours when your phone buzzed with a twitter update ‘@Michael5sos: To the girls who were literally the first in line and have been there for hours thank you’ You showed your friends and you all freaked out tweeting them back when your phone buzzed again ‘@calum5sos To the girls first in line well specifically the one in the leather jacket @Luke5sos thinks your super hot and wants to take you out’. You turned to your friend “What am I wearing?” “A leather jacket!” They all said in unison while you all screamed and you decided to take your phone out and tweet him back ‘@y/t/n: @luke5sos well you’re pretty hot yourself if you want to talk to me I’ll be standing right in the front row ;)’ You and your friends all giggled “that was great” later when the show was coming to a close you heard Michael start to play the intro to Try Hard. Luke started talking to the crowd and thanking them for coming “and y/n I got your tweet and I see you standing right in the front row and I couldn’t be happier that you are here and I guess some things are just meant to be so this ones for you pretty girl” You felt your knees go weak and knew this was the beginning of an amazing relationship.

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