I wanna tell you the truth

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*Brendan P.O.V*

I was with Andreanne in the couch, she was laying on top of me. Chucky opened the door while meand Andreanne were kissing and he putted his hand on Andreanne's ass.

Chucky : Oh Brendan your girl has a nice ass

He was smiling like a crazy, because of that she stopped kissing me she was so mad I swear the godI am sure that she could punch him.

Andreanne : DON'T TOUCH MY ASS!!!!!!!!!

Chucky : Oh she stopped kissing you...and you only say that because it is me ? If it would be

Brendan you wouldn't say anything.

Andreanne : Probably but is it not the question! MOVE YOUR HAND FROM MY ASS

He moved it, just to pissed him off I putted mine on Andreanne's ass and she didn't say anything.

Me: See she don't care when it is me

She looked at me and she started laughing, So I kissed her beautiful lips.

Chucky : Am I bothering or ? We won't look at you ewn ?

I stopped kissing her and looked at Chuck that was staring at us .

Me: You really don't bother us...if you want to I can kiss this girl all day in front of you

So I kissed her again even if I knew that it pissed Alex... I did it anyway because it is so funny when he is pissed.

Andreanne : I have to show you good music

Me : What? If it is One Direction good luck...I do not like them sorry babe

She looked at me with those eyes... Wow

Andreanne : Well...

She took her Ipod and she putted "Story of my life" by One Direction

Me : Oh really babe ? You are serious ?

Andreanne : It is the best song it's just that you doesn't have good taste for music...

I looked at her so pissed.

Me : I doesn't have taste for music ? Really ? Pfffff you doesn't!

She looked at me so mad! I could see in her eyes that she wanted to punch me but I kissed her firstand I told her that I love her. She didn't replied, I tried to kiss her but she pushed me. What did I do ?

she left the couch and went to the kitchen to see Josh and Maggie.

*Andreanne P.O.V*

Brendan thinks I am mad at him but it is so not true. I went to the kitchen to talk to Maggie and Josh. I told them what was my plan just to know Brendan's reaction.

Josh : He is probably so worrie he will try to find reasons

Me : Seriously? ownn but he has no reason I am really not mad at him

Maggie : Oh he is coming

Brendan came in the kitchen so sad, I guess he felt so bad but he has no reason because it wasn't true.

Josh : Come on Brendan... I thought you could be better than this

They were so funny omg It was so hard for me to tried to not laugh at Brendan.

Brendan : I know I am sorry babe...I shouldn't said that...I love you so much forgive me please

I started laughing like a crazy I couldn't stop laughing at him

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