Here we go again

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"I like you is that a crime?" He yelled.

"Maybe I like you Cameron  and Taylor. Maybe I 've been stressed because I like 3 amazing guys and.I can 't decide I like!" i said and sat on the bed. No one spoke for about 3 seconds. Then there was a knock at the door. I opebed it and saw it was Mahogany. She introduced herself and asjed if i would like to help her dj at magcon because she heard I was a pretty good dj. I said sure and she gave me a pass. I closed the door and Looked at the pass. I started packing. "Where the hell do you think your going?" A voice snapped. "Who the fuck do you think you are my mother?" I snapped back.

"No but I'm your best friend" Mallory snapped back. "First of all who the fuck said that and second of all you don't make the decisions in my life Mallory!"

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