Oh no here we go.

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Whenever I walked in everyone was staring at me. "Staring is not polite." I snapped. They all looked at Mallory like what the hell is wrong with alyssa

I hughed my knees and put my head down. The next thing I knew one the guys had their arm around me. I looked over to see it was Cameron. And he was shirtless. "I think I 'm gonna pass out. " I mumbled. Cameron moved closer. I pulled away from his hug and walked outside. "This is so complicated" I almost yelled. Then Matt walked out. He didn 't say anything. He just kissed me. He pulled back and looked at me. Then he walked back inside. I walked back inside. " What the fuck was that about?".I.said. Everyone looked confused. I looked directly at Matt. "what was that about.Matt?" i yelled. "

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