Holding back the tears.

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Matt layed down on the bed beside me and wrapped his arms around me. "Shh its gonna be ok. " he said. I layed on my side facing toward him. I really wanted to kiss him but I can 't because we just met! So we just sat on the bed eating popcorn and watching netflix. Then the rest of the guys and Mallory walked in. "Hey love birds " Mallory said with a grin. I looked at the other guys and saw that Cameron looked really mad. "Uhm Matt and I just met we 're not dating. And can i talk to u in the hall for a sec Mal?" I said looking at Mallory. "Sure" she replied and we walked out the door, "Listen I really like Matt and I like Cameron and I think I 'm starting to like Carter " I .said biting my lip. "ooooo u got crushes. Well I would just tell them how you feel" She replied..I.went to open the door and.it turn out that all of the boys were eavesdropping.

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