Chapter 27:

Jessica's pov:

"Darling, wake up," I hear El say. I open my eyes a little and find her sitting beside me on my bed. She already has her make up on and her hair is losely curled.

"E, what are you doing here? And why are you up so early?" I ask, my voice hoarse.

"We're going to get you a new outfit because when I looked in your drawer I found only 3 shirts, 1 dress, 4 skinny jeans, 1 pair of sweat pants, and 2 pairs of shorts," she says while reading the list off a paper.

"You wrote it all down?" I ask.

"Well, duh. I also wrote down the exact outfit to get you for your last night in California. The boys are going out clubbing and you gotta go with them. Don't worry me and Perrie and Dani will be there with you so if anyone even tries to touch you, they will be in the hospital. Now get up! We gotta go get you an outfit," she says a bit too excitedly. I get up and walk to the bathroom.

"OH MY GOSH!" I scream out in complete horror. 5 boys and El come rushing into the bathroom.

"What's wrong!?" Liam asks.


"Shit?" Louis says.

"A hobo?" Niall inputs.

"Ratchet?" Zayn says.

"Just like the old days," Harry says smirking.

"You guys are idiots. Get out and let me take a shower," I say to them.

"But I wanna join!" Harry yells. I quickly shut the door and lock it. I strip down then realize, I can't fucking shower yet! 

"EL!" I scream. She quickly comes to the door, knocking on it. I unlock the door and tell her my situation.

"Awe babe. Okay I'll help you," she says. She turns the water on for the bath. Filling it 3/4 full and then helping me in.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the shower ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Here put on these shorts with this long sleeve shirt," El says, handing me the clothes. It's pretty cute outfit. The short are pretty short with a floral print on them. The long sleeve shirt is a plain pink to make the pedals of the flowers on my shorts.

"i'm gonna do my hair and make up and I'll be ready to go," I say to El. She nods her head and leaves the room. I pull out my blow drier, taking my brush through my hair as it dries. Then I straighten it and brush through it one more time before putting it in a decent casual pony tail. Then I get out my make up bag, put on my foundation and powder. Then deciding to go for natural look and just adding mascara and my lip balm. I put my bob on, because I can't wear two, and make my way to the living room area, where I heard 5 boys gasp and a girl squealing in affection.

Niall's pov:

"Holy Jesus. Jessica, you look so gorgeous!" I axclaim.

"Um, not really, but thanks," she says, lowering her head shyly.

"Come on sexy girl we've got some shopping to do," El says, taking Jessica's noncasted hand and walking out the door.

I turn around to see the boys with their jaws dropped. She looked so naturally beautiful, like she was actually getting happy again. She was glowing again. 

"Well lads, we should probably do something while the girls are out. What do you guys think?" Liam asks. I was about to say no buuuuuutt.......

"NANDO'S!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream. All the boys jumping in shock of the loud noise.

"Mate, we go there everytime we go out," Louis says.

"So? You do the dirty dirty with El everytime she comes over," I say, knowing that I've won this.

"Fine. Nando's it is," Louis mumbles.

El's pov:

"Omg! Girl you've got to get this!" I say, pushing a long sleeve crop top into Jessica's arms.

"I don't know if I need this many clothes El," she says nervously putting the clothes on a rack. I frown and realize this girl isn't going to agree to anything. 

"Well, do you want something to eat? We can go down to the food court and get like pizza or something," I suggest. She nods her head and we continue on down the mall to the food court. 

"What kind of pizza do you want?" I ask. She looks up to the menu thats hanging up, her eyes scanning over it a few times.

"I just want pepperoni pizza..." she says to me.

"Okay we would like a large pepperoni pizza. And for drinks I would like a coke and..." I turn and look at Jessica.

"And I'd like water," Jessica says nervously. We walk to the end of the line and wait while they prepare our pizza. The person at the drink fountain gives us our drinks and within seconds our pizza is out of the oven and handed to us. We walk to where all the seats are and sit down in a small booth.

"So Jessica, what are you going to do about Harry and Niall?" 

Niall's pov:

"Niall, can you go start packing Jessica's bag? Management says we need to leave as soon as possible so we're leaving to the airport tomorrow," Liam tells me.

I nod my head and walk down the small hallway to Jessica's room. I never noticed how perfectly spotless her room is. She has her dirty clothes neatly folded in a corner of the room and all of her shorts are folded in one drawer, her shirts are folded in another, her dresses in another, and her pj's and under garmets are in a different drawer. She has 2 different pairs of bobs, but that's it for shoes. 

I pick her dirty clothes up and walk down to the washroom. I turn around and find Harry, straight faced in the doorway.

Harry's pov:

I watch as Niall walks out of Jessica's room and into the washroom.

"Niall, what are you doing?" I ask.

"I'm just putting Jessica's dirty clothes into the washer. You can help me pack her stuff if you'd like," Niall says, trying to be as calm as possible.

"No thanks," I say to him, quite rudely; and walk away.

Why is it that Niall always get to do things for her? Why does he get to be there for her? He's not her old best friend. He's not her boyfriend. He's nothing and it's not fair that he gets to do those things.

I furiously walk into the living and partically throw myself into the couch, screaming out Jessica's name, just to see her and El and walk through the door, shocked and scared written all over their faces.


Sorry it's a short chapter. I'm just improvising for a while.

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