Chapter 9 - MunchingBrotato comes to help!!!!!

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Natalia's P.o.v

             I could tell Steven felt awful for what he had done and was scared to go anywhere near Jordan in thought he might hurt him again. As I was doing a minecraft video for my channel I got a call for Izzy. "Ok guys hold on I'm getting a call." I said as I stopped the recording for a second and grabbed the phone and answer the call. "Talk to me dude." I said as I got up and walked to the living room. "Ok so I know someone who can help Jordan recover and take care of him." she said. "Who?" "Tyler." she said. "Your Tyler or logdotzip?" I said. "My Tyler." she answered. "OK as long as he has someone to take care of him is all that matters and I gotta go continue recording ." I said before hanging up and headed back to my computer to continue recording.

Tyler's P.o.v

            "So when will you head out to visit Jordan?" Izzy said sitting next to me on the couch. "Maybe sometime tomorrow." I said putting my arm around her. "Also I told Nat that you would try to at least try to help him recover a little." she said. "Uh ok I will try to help, I guess." I said looking at her.

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