Awkward love

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Chapter 3

The rest of the day I was obsessed with Trent texting me. first I direct messaged him. We were back on the bus at this time. He (finally) texted back. Then me being crazy put my phone number in the direct message.

After some elapsed time he texted me!! I was really happy. He was super flirty and all my friends and I screamed every time he texted me. I think our bus hated us. It was almost too good to be true. Then things took a turn for the worse. he texted me saying he was gay ( in my head I was like hell to the no). I was enraged at him and we had our first fight then. How could my first love do this to me? All you us there FREAKING OUT. I thought this was the for Trent and I, but your first love is forever and ever.

I didn't believe him and told him to prove that it by sending selfies. He did!! I asked him if he was really gay or of he was just pulling my leg. then the best news of my life wasn't him on the phone!!! praise the heavens!! I was on cloud 11!! he told me that he would text me when he got home and from then all I could do was wait...

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