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*22 years later*

“Hey guys! its me Josh and welcome back to another episode of Metal box, were we update you on the latest news in the metal world! Here joining us today is a very very special guest, the one and only, the legend himself and one of the most wanted music producers in this industry, Kellin Quinn!” Josh clapped said as he introduced me to the camera.

“Hey guys! Its Kellin from Sleeping with sirens” i said with a smile.

“wow! I bet its been a while since you've said that phrase huh?”

“uh, yea dude, its been a few years.” I nodded my head.

“must be great to be back in the media world after a years worth of being completely distant. Everyone's been dying to get an interview with you to see what's new in your life and to see what plans you have for one of the most prestigious label records out there in this music scene. Not to mention, talk about your legacy that is being passed down to us!”

“oh thanks dude, but, i didn't do all this by myself. i had help from the guys and my  beautiful wife. And yea, After we-- me and the guys decided to call it quits we just decided that we wanted some privacy so we could enjoy our time with our family without having to be interrupted by unexpected meeting and interviews. So this is actually the first interview i do by myself since the day we decided to retire.”

“it truly an honor that we get to be your first! yea we understand that it must have been hard for you guys to travel all the time and never get see your family, especially you, when you guys did your last interview and gave us the big announcement you guys were on your “Goodbye isn’t a forever World Tour." it seems like only yesterday when you guys were on that stage behind me rocking out. So anyways, everyone is dying to know what you have been doing these past 5 years, care to share some of that with us? and if you and the boys still visit and are still good friends and all that jazz.”

“yea--yea, well first off, me and the guys never stopped being best friends, our kids know each other and we're all god parents to at least one of their kids, so we're pretty close. And um, during our last five year its been pretty hectic. After quitting-- well retiring, i don't want to say quite because i don't think i could ever quit music. I spent like 5 months relaxing, and after those 5 months of being around the house and doing some work on my house and stuff, i realized that, i didn't want to retire from music. i mean, i wanted to retire sleeping with sirens because i think we had a really good run,  we all achieved our goals, played with monster bands, you know breaking our own record sellouts… its was just crazy and i didn't really want to quit music.  

At that moment, i had new dreams and goals I also wanted to keep doing music, but still be a proper father to my children and the best husband i could be for my amazingly beautiful wife. So i was talking to Cassie about this one night i think on our first date night since the announcement, and all we could do is talk about the wonderful memories that we had traveling the world, and with my kids picking up on music and playing instruments, it only made sense that i wanted to not only help my kids, but help other kids reach their goals and dreams of recording albums and selling albums after albums, like me and the guys dreamed of doing ages ago. So Cassie suggested, why not create our own record label. I could not only help my kids grow but, help other kids with the burning desire to make music and make their dreams come true. so i think that summer me the boys and my wife got together and created KC Quinn Records. At first,  I was a bit iffy about this whole record label thing, not  because of the time and effort that we were going to have to put in the label but the fact that i was getting back into the industry right after we said we were going to take a break and relax. And not only that but there is some really hard and serious competition out there… but i guess you can never really take the music out of the musician, so we went for it.”

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