Missed you!

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We got to the airport in London and I got butterflies, I saw Tom across the airport but he didn't see me, my eyes started to tingle and a tear rolled down my cheek, tears of joy!

Everything started to happen in slow motion, he got me in the corner of his eye and shouted my name, I sprinted to him leaving mum with my overly large bag. We met half way we hugged and he picked me up so I could rap my legs around his waist, he whispered into my ear...

"I have missed you so much!" His Warm breath was on my neck.

"I have missed you so much to!" I repeated back to him, when mum court up he put me down and put his hands on my hips.

"Beautiful, completely perfect!" He said looking me up and down. I blushed going back in for a hug. He cheekily pecked me on the cheek and we pulled away, I grabbed my bag off mum which Tom then took off me, and held my hand leading me to the car. Awkwardly mum got her camera out and started taking pictures of us finally together, mum and Grace, toms mum were chatting away and catching up.

We got to toms house and we went to his room, there house was very nice, but it wasn't like old times they didn't have everything the way it was, it felt weird like being I'm a different place with all the same things surrounding me.

He had set my bed up next to his and left out old pictures of us two on the bed for me.

After a while I had settled in and me and Tom were curled up on his bed watching a movie, my head was rested on his chest and he intertwined his fingers with mine whilst his chin rested on my head, it was like old times so close but yet I felt like he was different now.

"Are you okay to come to this party thing tonight at a mates, they all want to meet the girl I never shut up about, don't worry they won't be drunk" he winked "but Vicky is coming so we can't be like this" okay so I wasn't bothered about going to this party it would be cool to meet some Londoners, Tom didn't count his American accent was still very much American! BUT his bloody girlfriend was going to be there, that I was dreading, I had this feeling of protection over tom urge up inside of me it made me tense up.

"Babe are you okay?"

"Errm ye I'm fine, so what's Vicky like?" I said trying to cover up the fact that this convocation was actually hurting me.

"Okay well first off you won't like her and I'm sorry about that, she's the completely different type of person to you, she likes to wear pink lots of pink, which I hate, she is obsessed with her hair and makeup I mean she was a problem about how much she wears I worry about it, she wears heels and hates the outdoors and blablablabla" I giggled then sat up so I could face him, I shuffled my legs so they were crossed and so did he, our knees met, still holding hands I started to say...

"So she's a basic chick?" He raised his eyebrows and widened his eyes, and nodded.

"Why the heck are you with her? You play footy you surfed out in america you got me a penny which I have in my suit case, we went out all the time, we walked on the Beach, bet the poor girls never Even seen sand!" He laughed a lot at that last comment then pulled me back to cuddle him, he fiddled with my hair. I felt a bit stupid for saying all that I mean he thinks he loves her, he couched to grab my attention.

"You know what I honestly don't know"he shrugged "compensation for you, my girl, I knew we would never happened so I moved on it hurt so bad trying to find a girl like you but then I found out the only way of getting over you was changing who I am and who I like" he said, this made me slightly uncomfortable.

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