Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments by Cassanda Clare

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i prefer the Jace Wayland in the book because I find the character there more interesting than in the movie.

The archetypal Byronic hero, Jace gives the impression of holding most people in disdain but is quite chivalrous toward women. He is extremely arrogant, believing himself to be “the best Shadowhunter” and to be above others. He can also be very sarcastic if he wants to be and is shown to be very confident about his looks and has dated a lot of girls, with Aline stating that he “gets around.” His charisma, good looks, and charm have made him quite the ladies’ man, and he is implied to be somewhat promiscuous among girls. Despite his luck with girls, he never forms emotional attachments for more than a brief amount of time, if at all, because of the way Valentine had taught him that “to love is to destroy.” And that love, therefore, makes a person weak. He is also known to be a bit self-centered; however, when it comes to battle and justice, he is willing to make sacrifices and the right decisions. (c) shadowhunters.wikia

With the said statement above, arrogant, sarcastic, and confident are some of the words that can be accompany with Jace, but in the movie it is not properly show. Of course, it’s a constant thing for book turned into a movie that many scenes are deleted, however, in TMI: City of Bones most of the deleted scenes are the scenes about the starting romance of Jace and Clary, wherein this scenes the arrogant-ness or conceited-ness of Jace is shown.

In the movie, he hardly say a word. I found him funny in the book but in the movie he’s dull and boring. It’s so sad because I find Jamie Campbell accent perfect for the role of Jace and as I said he hardly said a word,

With that, I can truly say that Jace Wayland is far more better in the book. I hope there will be some changes in TMI: City of Ashes

This is purely my opinion and I respect if you disagree with me so I hope you will respect me aswell

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