Louis P.O.V.

Kim was turning us her back and she unrolled her towel, showing her third tattoo. I heard a gulp from Justin’s throat. She laid on her stomach and put her headphones on. Harry went on the chair next to her and laid on it, reaching for Kim’s hand. He took it, and I could see Kim’s smile growing. We all laid on different chair and I saw Justin on his phone during all this time was just throwing glances at Kim and going back to his phone. Kim and I decided to keep the prank on as long as it would last.

-------------(Skip to the day after that)

Kimberley P.O.V.

I woke up with the sound of Liam jumping on my bed.

“What do you want?” I mumbled.

“I want to know why your tattoos are letting stains over your clothes…” He says pointing at the shirt I was sleeping in.

My eyes grew wide and I hurried to look at my shirt. Damn it, I moved too much and the ink of the tattoo started to get on my tee.

“Damn it.” I said.

“Wait, this is henna tattoo?” He asked.

“Look, can you keep a secret?” I asked.

“Yeah, what’s up?” He asked, sitting on the edge of my bed.

“So, me and Louis organized a prank.” I started.

He nodded, and I told him everything about it. When I was finished, he was looking at me with a blank face.

“So, all of this is a prank, so it means none of it is real… right?” He asked.

“None of it is real.” I whispered back.

As I said that, Louis arrived in my room. He saw my stained tee, and looked at Liam.

“I had to tell him.” I explained.

Louis nodded and went to my bathroom. He came back with a wet tissue. He made me laid on my stomach, he pulled my t-shirt up, so he could see the tattoo, and he gently erased the stain on my skin around the tattoo. When he had finished, I stayed there waiting, to be sure it’d be dry. I then went to change up, and been careful not to touch my lower back tattoo. I left and headed to Harry’s room. I sat on his bed and gently shook him out of sleep. He whipped his eyes and looked at me.

“Sorry to wake you up babe, but van I borrow one of your necklaces?” I asked, pulling a piece of his hair in front of his eyes back on his head.

“Sure babe, which one?” He asked.

“The paper airplane one.” I said.

He nodded, got up and went to his suitcase. I laid on his bed, my stomach facing the bed. I reached for my phone, and stared at it until something appeared in my vision. Harry passed the necklace in my neck and attached it in the back of my head. He then gently kissed my shoulder, going up to my jaw line. It tickled and I giggled. He smiled and turned me so I’d be facing him. I sat on his lap and gently stroke his cheek. He put his hand in my hair, and started to play with them. I leaned and kissed him. He put his hand in my back, and I whined, to look like if my tattoo was still hurting. He put his hands lower on my butt, and we started back to kiss.

“Before you guys start anything, just want to remember you that Zayn and I are still in this room.” Niall said loud enough for us to hear.  

I tear apart from Harry and headed to Niall’s bed. I leaned and kiss his forehead.

“Sorry leprechaun.” I said.

He giggled and waved at me as I left, pecking Harry’s lips. I was about to go downstairs when I ran into Justin.

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