chapter 5-The story of our night

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chapter 5

                         "the story of our night"

Zayn's P.O.V.:

I'm surprised by my own actions and Manar's words , any girl whould've said okay , christian , muslim , but Manar said no , I'm so surprised.

I'm with the band now , while I'm driffting off into my thoughts.

"Yo , mate where were you all week?" Louis asked , snapping me out of my thoughts.

"We were with there really hot chicks" Niall said.

"Tell me what happened" Harry said , suddenly getting very interested.

Niall told us his story and I was in shock.

"I layed it off with her" Niall said , and everyone's eyes widened.

"Manar said that we're muslims and we can't have Sex " I said

"She's a keeper , Man" Harry said.

"Manar , that rings a bell" Liam said

"Yeah , Manar and Nada the two girls that Elenour and Danielle can't stop yapping about" Niall said and we all irrupted into a fit of laughter.

Elenour's P.O.V."

Me and the girls are hanging at Nada and Manar's house.

"so how was your night?" Dani asked us all.

"Me and Zayn kissed" Manar said and my eyes widened.

"you mean one direction's Zayn?" I asked.

"yeah we met Zayn and Niall a week ago" Nada said.

"Okay" Dani said.

"why didn't you tell us that you're datting louis and that you're datting liam?" Manar asked.

I ignored her question.

"Nada how was your night?" I asked her

'Ma and Niall layed it off" She said and we all squeled.

"Guys I need to say this now" I said once we calmed down.

I reseaveda " go on" from them "He hasn't said I love you to me yet" I announsed sadly They all apologised to me

"excuse me , but I have to go to the bathroom" Dani said

"Okay" we all said. Then Manar's phone rang

Manar's POV:

I picked up the phone finding a blocked number I ansered

Manar Person


Hi , is this Manar? I recodnised the number as Liam

Yes , Liam? I asked , then I hearded a  sigh of relif

I need your help picking up a ring so I can propose to Dani , please come with can bring Nada and Elenour with you , please" he said

okay just I got to go cause Dani is coming now bye" I said befor hanging up

Liam's POV:

~the next day~

when I heared a knock on the door I opened to see Nada , Manar and El

"come on in" I said

"the boys will be here soon" then we heard footsteps

"It's about time we met you guys" Louis said with an agreeing harry behind him.

"Nice to meet you all , we're huge fans" Nada said

"the pleasure is ours" Isaid.

"Okay guys sit" I said again "I need to plan how to propose to Dani any Ideas?" I asked

"How about you propose on a yacht (boat). when you give us a signal we can sing , as in me and the boys , we can sing one of your songs Manar can play piano , Niall can play guitar and there is your perfect proposal" Nada said.

We bought the ring , now let's do this.

Danielle's POV:

My phone rang and I picked it up knowing it's Liam.

"Hi babe" I said into the phone. "Hey Dani , Put  something nice on tonight , something fancy. I'll pick you up in an hour" with that he hung up.

Okay better do this. I hoped into the shower and had a quick one I got out and wore a beautiful lacy black dress , black pump-heels and a whole lot of accessories.

My make-up was a little bit of concelear , eyeliner , maskara and lipgloss by the time I was finnished I heard a knock on the door.

I went down and saw Liam in a tux , we shared a quick kiss. The whole carf ride was silent when we reached what's supposed to be a lake with a fancy boat on it I smiled.

"You know me so well , Liam" I said hugging him. Once we finished eating Liam said "Dani I've been waiting so long to tell you this and finally today is the day , hit it guys"

then I heard singing a piano and a guitar playing. the dong was little white lies.

"If this roomwas burning I wouldn't even notice 'cuz you've been taking over my mind with your little white lies little white lies " Nada and the boys are singing , Manar is playing the piano and niall is playing the guitar.

When the song ended , Liam got on one knee and said "Will you marry me?" I screamed "Yes" He scooped me up and kissed me.


sooooooooooooooo sorry that we didn't update sooner it's just the examinations and the next update will be in like a half hour or so XOXO ~Manar and Nada 

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