Chapter 2

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Ariana's P.O.V

"Eh, Liam what's wrong?"I asked. He closed the door behind him then let out a long sigh.

"The fans, they took pictures of you and Zayn during the shopping trip and posted them on social medias now everyone thinks you two are dating!"he said angrily. Abit too angrily.

"But Liam, we all know that I'm not so what's the big deal?"I asked in confusion. He ran a hand through his brown hair before sitting beside me on the bed.

"Ari, can't you see that this will ruin everything? We'll just have to talk to managment and make them find a way to tell the public that you're my little sister,"he said. "Are you coming?"

"Can't we go tomorrow Liam? I'm really tired."I said putting the stupid magazines on the bedside table.

Yes, I'm now pissed off and the magazines seems stupid right now.

"Alright,"he said looking at the clock that was hung up on my wall."It's only half past nine, we should be having an all nighter Ariana! If you want to sleep then you can, the boys and I will be up all night anyways."

"Ok, see you tomorrow then,"I smiled before he walked out of the room. I locked the door before getting changed.

I got into a pair of pink polka dotted shorts, a white fluffy pyjama top that I got with the shorts and fluffy socks. I fell asleep thinking of what managment would say tommorow. I heared they come up with crazy ideas.


I quickly grabbed my red shirt, black jeans and my black blazer before putting them on quickly. I got my black high heels and put them on before adding a bit more make up to my face.

"You ready Ariana?"asked Zayn before walking into the room without knocking.

"Oh, yeah nearly,"I said as I grabbed my phone and purse. "Let's go,"I smiled as we walked outside where Liam was seated.

"Hey Ariana,"he said as we left the driveway. Since this is only between us three, the other boys said they'd stay.

"Hi,"I said looking through my instagam. Loads of girls are already going mad about these rumours.

"We're here."Liam says. I looked up to see the large building infront of me. I quickly got out of the car leaving my phone and purse inside.

When we got inside the elegant building, business women and men were walking through the hall ways with their mugs of coffee in their hands.

"Simon is in here,"says the pretty ladie behind the desk as she leads us down the hallways where he is seated behind his desk in his large office.

"Hi boys and Ariana,"Simon says calmly. I take a seat between both Liam and Zayn. I feel Liam's eyes on me but I ignore him by looking at Simon.

"Hi,"we all say.

"So, people think Ariana and Zayn are dating.."he trails off."If you guys can pretend to actually be dating, the fans will love it, which means a huge boost in fame!"

"No way!"Liam says. "They can't do that for a bunch of strangers! Well fans! I love every fan but really?"

"He is right Liam.. If we can pretend, the fans will love it, you guys will probably get more privacy from it and more respect."I say. It's true though.

"Zayn?"Simon says.

"Well you are my boss so I haven't got much of an option.."he says rubbing the back of his kneck.

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