Wattpad Community; A Ranter's Guide

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I'm coming up on my sixth year of being part of Wattpad (silent reader status) and my third year of having this account (where you all have found me) so I think it's safe to say that I've experienced much of this site. I even remember when we had the SYS club and you didn't follow people, you "fanned" them. Wattpad has grown immensely, and in more way than one, but even though I've seen some people come and go, I always find myself coming back to it. 

We're all (mostly) here because we love writing, yes? We've all chosen this site for some reason over the other ones, yes? So why do we find ourselves looking down at it so disdainfully when we are ultimately the reason why we feel that way? 

In case you somehow managed to not notice, this site is extremely integrated with the "social networking" aspect of the internet. The fact that we're able to, say, create a Circle of friends who can easily communicate with people shows that. We can share statuses and post messages. We have a profile that we can customize with our own pictures. This site has an extreme social side that is not only great to be able to feel like a community, it makes it easy for things to go downhill. 

My first piece of advice? If you absolutely cannot handle the social side of Wattpad, either find another site or stay as detached from the site as possible. 

It's not for everyone. It really isn't. I've seen people get into these little arguments over their own personal dramas and end up posting about it all over. But the thing is, I don't see why that should be happening. We all claim to want this site to be seen first and foremost as a writing community, yet we let that kind of stuff happen? Do you see the logic in that? 

And let me be the one to lay it down a little bluntly for some of you, but this isn't like Facebook where you're connected with people you actually know. The fact is, while you might enjoy the "company" of some of these people, half of the relationships you've built on here may not even be worth getting worked up over. I'm not saying completely dismiss everyone you've connected with because some of them have become lifetime friends, but even in real life, it's important to know when to just move on peacefully and not allow yourself the stress of worrying about something that isn't worth it. 

Keep your cyber self the same as the person sitting behind the screen. 

It's easy to want to let go and be whoever you want to be online because it's just so much easier. Trust me, I completely understand that. But in order to keep yourself involved with the many personalities on here, it's important to keep who you appear to be online the same as who you really are. 

If you're not one to debate and argue, don't stir up conflict. I can't stress that enough to people. You see this rant book you're reading? If you follow me, you see the arguments I get into sometimes? The reason why I can handle those kinds of things on this site- things that can create major conflict - is because I'm like that in real life. I can sit in front of a person and argue with them and not get upset or cry about it. I can say controversial things that might put a target on my back and not think twice about it. So that part of me translates online. If you're not that type of person in real life, don't try it out online. It'll only end up with you getting discouraged to continue your time on here and quite frankly, I just find that silly. Why would you put yourself into that kind of situation and then hate the outcome? I may occasionally complain about some of the people I have to deal with, but in the end I know that I allow myself to get so into those issues. 

I'm all for expressing yourself, but make sure the way you express yourself fits with who you are and what you can handle. 

The same could also be said for those that think they can be a loose canon on here. Me? I can insult you in more ways than one and you won't even notice. Do I? No, because I of course have a filter. But I can be blunt and harsh in real life. If you can't even look someone in the eye when you're talking to them, I don't think you should be talking to people on here like you're Damon Salvatore. Or Blair Waldorf. Or Victoria Grayson. 

Remember what this site is for and why you wanted to be a part of it. 

The social side of the side sometimes makes it hard for us to remember why we're ultimately here. If some of you remember, I once wrote a rant and asked people to tell me why they were here, how they got here. It was pretty easy to see that we're all here because we love reading and writing. So why has that disappeared for some of us? Why are we letting ourselves be pushed away for things other than those? 

If you're here to read, then keep reading. If you're here to write, then write and don't stop. I can't tell you how important it is to keep writing. Even if it slows down and sometimes you feel like you should stop, just keep writing. Try new things to escape the routine. If you haven't written poetry before, try it out and see where it can take you. You might think it's shit, but it might create just enough inspiration to get you writing again. 

You can't complain about where the site is going when you yourself are not contributing to the writing on here. 


Truth? Even if you might not want to hear it. 

I can't feel sorry for people that let themselves cry over people they barely know. 

I can't feel sorry for people that get themselves into a mess when they know they can't help themselves get out of it. 

I can't feel sorry for people that feel like the site is more social than literary when they're part of it. 

We must try to grow and continue to do so because that's what we're all here for. 

Or we rant. That works too. 


Question- Think about the reason why you came here in the first place. Is that what still keeps you here? Have you kept that reason alive? Or have you turned around and deviated from what you wanted? 

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