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It was 2am in Sochi and our plane ride home was at 8am. So I woke up Sidney.

"Sidney!! Wake up we are going home today!!!" I yelled causing him to roll off the bed. I laughed.

"I'm up!!" He said. Then i went to wake up Geno.

"Evgeni Malkin wake up!! We are going home today. You can see Taylor as soon as we get home!!" I yelled. He sat straight up.

"I up." He said and went to get dressed. I went to go pack whatever I didn't pack last night.

"Hey Amber." Sidney said.

"Yes." I replied.

"What time is out flight?" He asked.

"8am. So in 6hours." I said.

"Can we go to the airport around like 6?" He asked.

"You read my mind." I said. He smiled and we kissed.

"Eww. Get a room." Evgeni said when he walked into the room. We laughed.

"All packed?" I asked Evgeni.

"Yes. I want to see Taylor and Oksana." He said. Then he received a text.


I received a text from Taylor. It read:

Tay: hey geno. Umm I know ur coming home today but there's something I need to tell u.

Me: okay. What's up?

Tay: I found Kris and Oksana making out twice. Oksana now has no teeth and I still don't think Kris can feel his face.

Me: what do you mean?

Tay: I hit Oksana in the face with my hockey stick and punched Kris in the face...

Me: so she cheated on my with one of my best friends?

Tay: yes. And I'm sorry.

Me: It's not ur fault. I'm coming home today so I'll sort things out. Okay?

Tay: okay. (A/N fault in our stars action going on here.)

Me: I'll see you later. Bye

Tay: bye <3

And that was the end of out conversation. How could Oksana cheat on me with one of my bestfriends? I was going to break up with her.

"Hey what's up?" Sidney asked.

"Oksana cheated on me. With Kristopher Letang." I said.

"Oh no she didn't!!" He said. I could help but laugh because he snapped his fingers too.

"What's going on?" Amber asked.

"Oksana cheated on me with Kris." I said.

"Oh. I'm sorry Geno." She said.

"It's okay. I guess she didn't really love me." I said.

"Hey. What about Taylor?" She asked.

"Yeah. But I'm 27 and she's 19." I said.

"No. She's 20. Her birthday is today." She told me.

"But then why haven't anyone told her happy birthday?" I asked.

"She never pays attention. Told is February 20th. She probably thinks it's the 19th." She said. I laughed.

"That makes sense." I said.

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