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Olivia was a girl maybe a bit of a tomboy but she goes with the "pain" of being a best friend to a girly girl she goes down to the park with her friends everyday after school to mess about. Latley she has been having trouble with her boyfriend Tom because he seems to think that she is cheating on him.

Olivias POV

"Why dont you just get a grip tom, im not cheating on you!" I honestly thought about pelting pins in his face at this moment in time but I will add that to my collection of other ideas.

"Dont think I didnt see you wrap your arms around mark from the diner!" he bellowed in my face.

"look I dont want to he hurtful but.." then I was cut off from my hand meeting his face. He shouted were over but I was to busy running away out of his front door by that time.

Then whilst taking a break at the park I pulled out my phone from my jeans and dialled lotties number

ring ring... ring ring... ring ring...


hi lotts its me Olivia come park immediatley!

whoa, whoa whats the fuss

I need to talk to you now!

fine be there in a sec...

I have to admit I was well intruley irritated, boys dont understand some people can comfort other you know but I was just sitting on the swing muttering to myself when a little girl went on the opposite seing and was on the phone.

heyy babes she said

yes course you can come over tonight

I know its going to be so fun

I didnt realise it but I was accidently staring at her like a coplete and utter wierdo/pedophile and she whisoered down the phone loud enough so I could hear

"hey babe 1 sec this chick is staring at me like im a ghost thats naked"

Then I jumped out of my trance and was met by a conserned lottie

"whats the matter lo?"

"me and tom have broke up"

i started to tell her all about how I hated it when guys think yiu are cheatin on them just because they catch you comforting someone in thier time of need but I obviously didnt realise that I hadntears streaming down my cheeks.

We went back to lotties place when I was met by the arms of her parents thy were the kindest people in the world. I went to bed with a hot cupmof coca and nodded off into a dreamless sleep

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