Few weeks later

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So today was the knockout rounds and what I had to do was sing against someone from my team and Will would pick the person who thought was better.

   I got ready and when me and the person I was against, Lee, was called to the stage we walked over and e started the song which was Adele someone like you then I sang. When it was finished Will had to pick.

    Lee was an amazing singer and I wouldn't be surprised if he picked Lee and I got kicked out or stolen from another judge.

“Now it's your turn to pick Will" Marvin said,

He was in thought for a while and he was having small talk with the other judges about who to pick then he turned back around to Marvin and said “... I'm going to pick... Beth!"

I was so excited, “thank you" I mouthed, I hugged Lee before walking off stage. He was stolen by Ricky, thank god. He's an amazing singer and such a nice guy.

    I walked over to Connor, my mum and Connor's parents, everyone hugging and congratulating me.

    Now I had to prepare for the knockout round 2. I was going to sing Demi Lovato warrior.

    We went back to the hotel where Taya was, looking after Evan. I do love that women. Lucky was at home with Sarah as she had offered to look after him.

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