Chapter 2

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AN: sooooooooooooo sorry for not update I've had drama rehearsals and dance competitions like non stop but Ill try to start updating more. For all yàll

So yah I really don't wanna have to write "Gavin's POV" in front of every chapter so just assume that for the whole story unless I state otherwise. oh and heads up after this chapter i will probably start just using third person because i kind of suck at perspective :)


I got sick of trying to nap with the loud noises going on beneath my feet, and just settled on trying to drown it out by playing Xbox in the living room.

I made my way down from my bedroom at the end of the hallway and into the living room.

But I saw no Xbox.

I whined and unashamedly stamped my foot like a little kid when I realized that Geoff and his friends had the Xbox downstairs and that I had 2 choices here:

1. Go downstairs, ask for the Xbox, and have insults and foam hockey pucks thrown at me


2. Suck it up and crank the tv

"Oh bullocks." I muttered under my breathe as I reached for the tv remote, and hit the power button. I flipped through channels mindlessly before settling on a horrible tv sitcom that I was amazed anyone even watched in the first place.

I sat there listening to the overused laugh track and feeling sorry for America for a good ten minutes before I heard thumping on the stairs behind me.

I ruffled up my hair a little to atleast try and make it look presentable and straightened my shirt in hopes to avoid any comments from Geoff's friends.

 "HI GAVIN." I heard in a mocking sing song voice from behind me.

I look behind me to see Michael standing there wearing a black beanie, a muscle shirt, and his glasses. He looked cute. I quickly turned away before my face could betray me and start to blush.

"Hi Michael." I replied in this most monotone voice i could muster while pretending to pay attention to the tv.

"Oh my god, you say my name so weird, and what's up with your hair? It looks like you've been hanging upside down."

Ah, there it was. The comments that Michael was all too famous for.

"I have an accent." I replied routinely. Michael knew that I had been adopted when I was a young lad, and just simply had not been able to get rid of it. Not that I wanted to, I liked how it set me apart from everyone else.

"Still haven't kicked that stupid accent yet?"

"Nope." I responded simply. Michael probably thought I was extremely boring with these usual answers I gave him, when really I was quite the opposite. But it's not like I had anything to lose with him. I was already, like, 90 percent sure he didn't like me at all anyways.

Michael stopped asking me questions after that. I was half relieved and half kind of upset. Not that I would admit that though.

The rest of Geoff's friends started to file up the stairs one by one.

First was Jack. I liked Jack. Mostly just because he didn't really talk to me, but when he did, he was kind. Although his annoyance with my antics was evident, he never said anything hateful. Jack was Geoff's age, going into grade 12.

 Next was Joel. Joel was tall and probably 2nd if I had to put my brothers friends into order of attractiveness. Lets not talk about who is first. When I had seen him at school he was always quiet and reserved, but with his friends he was loud and always ranting about this and that. He was also going into grade 12.

The last in Geoff's regular friend group was Burnie. Burnie was fun. If I had to pick one of my brothers friends to be best friends with, it would be him. He was cool and popular at school and liked to pulled pranks, but rarely ever got into trouble. He was going into grade 11, just like Michael.

The only one of the others to acknowledge me was Burnie who gave me a small wave. All the boys said their goodbyes to Geoff while I stared absent mindedly at the tv screen.

Once they had all left, I turned to Geoff.

"What were you guys doing that was so bloody loud?" I whined, not really caring how childish I sounded.

He laughed, "We were playing mini-sticks and Joel tripped over Michael and hit his face on the wall, and Michael got pissed so then he tried to be the shit out of Joel." Geoff started chuckling, "It..It was funny as dicks!" he squeaked between giggles.

I smiled slightly, that did sound funny.

Once my brother had calmed down he looked at me and smiled, "You really should join us next time, Gav."

I thought about it for about 0.7 seconds before replying in absolute, utter confidence, "Nah."

They wouldn't want me there anyway.

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