Day sulkily munched on his big, cherry iced, chocolate frosted, skittles covered, kiwi filled cupcake.

     That morning, Judeikas had entered his and Viv's room with a smile on his face and a cupcake for each. Day had gotten on munching the cupcake, while Vivien had gotten on munching the smile.

     The couple was on the bed parallel to Day's. Vivien had Judeikas's neck wrapped in his arms, and his waist wrapped in his legs, and his mouth wrapped in his lips. They were happily going at it, only stopping to smile or grin or nibble or giggle and were so damn cute that watching them was raising Day's blood sugar. Not.

      With a sigh, the redhead finished the cupcake, sprinkles surrounding his mouth and crumbles sticking to his shirt. He wiped them away lazily, his eyes half closed and eyebrows lowered.

     Then, his eyes slowly, smoothly moved towards the nightstand, where Vivien's cupcake sat exposed and vulnerable. A complexity of caramel, crisps, miniature cookies and cinnamon.

     Day snatched the thing and bit it, resuming the sulk.

     He was halfway through the cupcake when Viv's shirt was halfway raised, and that's when he decided to butt in.

     "Hey, Viv, remember that school thing called classes?"

     The man pulled back from Jude with a loud 'smooch' and jumped from the bed clumsily, arranging his clothes and hair. Then he glanced at the nightstand before squinting at Day, hands on hips.

     The redhead gulped, blinked, then took another bite.

     "It's all right." Vivien shrugged. "I'll let you eat your misery and loneliness away." he said, grabbing his side bag from the floor and sliding it on his shoulder.

     Day glanced at the cupcake and pouted, then stuffed his face with the entirety of what was left.

     Vivien snorted, leaned down to peck Judeikas's forehead and walked away with a 'Bye'. As the door closed behind him, Day fixed his eyes on Jude, chewing obnoxiously loud.

     The man wore an easy smile as he stared back.

      Oh, Dayson... Dayson and his silly Hello Kitty pajama pants, his puffed cheeks stuffed with cupcake, and his sulky attitude that begged to be consoled.

     "What's wrong, Dayson?" Judeikas asked, as if he didn't know what had happened last night from Lara. According to her words, Voerman pulled away from a kiss and Day looked just about to cry from it.

     Day swallowed with a jerk of the head, and then threw his arms up. "Fucking Voerman and his bullshit, man!" he said. "Just, never mind." he shrugged, looking at Judeikas with a squint.

     "What is it about Voerman?" Judeikas asked, as if he hadn't noticed from day one the chemistry between the two blockheads.

     Day looked Jude up and down with a frown, as if to weight whether or not to tell him, but Day just wasn't one to keep his mouth shut.

     "He... He tells me... I mean... I don't know, really..." the redhead glanced downwards, shrugging. "He just maddens me with things that he does... well, more like does not."

     Day's eyes widened at his own words, and he looked away with thin lips and a heavy blush.

     "I take it you're questioning yourself?" Judeikas asked, as if Day's name wasn't written in Jude's 'Dirt' notebook, along with the secret Day himself had yet to know- that being, his bisexuality.

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