The Picture

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Chapter 1

(Demi's 6 months)

(Sydnee's POV)

I wake up with my beautiful wife in my arms, she's been having some confidence issues due to her baby bump but I help her through every step, to me she's still curvy and sexy, I gently get out of bed because she hasn't had much sleep lately because she's been in pain and being uncomfortable, I slide in the body pillow behind her back and go shower then put on some new boxers and my sweat pants then head down stairs, I make eggs bacon, sausage, and chocolate chip pancakes, and coffee, right when I finish making hers it's 10 and I see her walking through the door way in my big shirt and nothing else but her panties, god she's so beautiful in the morning. I'm snapped out of my daze when she wraps her arms around me and buries her face into my neck, I lift her head and we kiss, as normal we sit there just kissing, then when we are done I hand her, her cup and kiss her head "just the way you like in princess" she whispers thank you and kisses my cheek and waddles to the table she's so adorable, I pull out her chair and push it in then get her plate and sit across from her, we eat and talk sharing a few laughs and jokes, I take her plate and put it in the sink and we sit on the couch we talk about Keagan and other stuff (Keagan May Hensenn is her full name, credit to a follower on tumblr) "another 3 months" I whisper in her ear, "mhm soon we'll be carrying in a little one, by the way my lovatics want a pregnancy picture" "well I have an idea" I tell her and then we head up stairs into the bathroom, I put my hand on the side of her stomach facing the mirror in a half heart and she completes the heart and then uses her free hand to hold the back of my neck and kiss me hard, we take it and then post it to twitter and Instagram, We get a lot of comment that are cute and sweet then some about me being shirtless and how demi isn't wearing pants and is in my Tshirt and no bra, we chuckle about those and cuddle next to the fire place watching the ID channel and movies sharing little make puts and kisses for the rest of the day I cook lunch and dinner and finally after we watch divergent I see her close her eyes and sleep, once I hear snores I pick her up and take her up stairs and lay her down getting in behind her and taking my sweats off, I kiss the back of her head and wrap my arm around her waist pulling the duvet up and placing my hand on her stomach, and my arm tucked under my head"sweet dreams my beautiful angels" and I drift off to sleep.

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