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Dear Harry,

When did I start talking about you in past tense? Is that what you are now? Part of my past? Each night I put my head in my pillow and I tell myself that I'm strong because I've gone another day without you. I tried to get drunk Harry. I've heard that you did that a long time ago, a week after it happened. I wondered if it helped. If it made you forget for a while. I drunk to forget your name that was forever on the tip of my tongue. I ended up forgetting mine first. These letters were supposed to be a sort of goodbye. How do you say goodbye to the person who you cannot live without? Do you know what hurts the most? When I told you forever, I meant it. I was gonna give you my forever. When I used to picture forever, it was always with the same boy. You Harry. In my dreams, my future was set. A sure thing. This isn't the way I'd pictured it...

If I had known that that was going to be the last time we kissed I would have kissed you harder and made sure that I stained my lips with the taste of yours. I miss you.

I'm sorry Harry

Yours sincerely Louis


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