Part Seven

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A crisp dawn wind blows through the open windows of the abandoned shack to stir the dust and the little clumps of dirt that rest on the window sill. The outdoors is surrounded by an array of attractiveness. All can be seen so wide in the shining sun. The fields of heavy grass look like flames, a fire to sweep the plains. Breathtaking, nonetheless.

Layne arouses himself by sneezing at a dust clomp that has traveled past his nose. His eyes flutter open and squint at the beaming sun coming through the cracks of wood. He releases a yawn and sets himself up straight. He looks over to his left at Alice, who is still chasing dreams. He rises silently to his feet and strides over to the table where his bag is. Very cautiously, he opens it with gentle hands and pulls out the canteen and breakfast snack.

He gathers it up and sets it down by the sleeping Alice.

"Alice", Layne says as soft as the wind. He presses his hand on her forehead and feels the sweat and fever touch his hand. "Alice" he says slightly louder.

He shakes her shoulder and says, "Hey, it is time to wake up".

This continues on for about twenty minutes or so. Layne is refusing to give up. He sighs and begs, "Please, do not leave like this" He runs his hands furiously through his hair. He curses his father's damned name throughout the shanty and skies. 


Layne bends down one last time to lift Alice in his arms. He craddles her as he pushes the hair from her white face. "You are so beautiful, my dear Alice," he whispers lightly. He carries her across the field to the hole he dug into the ground. With gentle hands, he carefully places her six feet under. He takes one last look at her before she is buried with dirt. He tries to refrain himself from mourning.

"I promise you, Alice," he says as he places the soil over her, "I will come back with your proper headstone. Also, I will, or may my soul be forever crushed, kill James Lennon."

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