Chapter 9

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( Your POV)

You step inside and look around. There was no one there. It was only your mum who was with you when you left. Where had she gone? You looked around all the rooms, the kitchen light was still on and the fridge was wide open. You quickly go to close then see a yellow sticky note on it. It was from your mum. It said:

Holly, me and your dad have decided to go and spend some time together, we will be back in a week. I'm sorry that I wasn't there to let you in from your date. I hope it went well!

Love you,

Mum xxx

Oh great. You thought. You turned the sticky note around and there was writing on the back. This time the writing was different and more scrawly than the other one. It read:

Hey poppet , like your mother said we are going. We have left you 500 dollars in the cupboard for food. don't spend it all at once and save me the change! Have lover boy over if you really want, stay safe;) and I will see you when you get back

Love dad :)

You giggled and then cringed at the thought of your dad telling you to 'stay safe' with Nash. As if you are going to have sex with him yet. You lock the front door and then make sure the back door is locked. You take off your heels and your feet feel amazing on the soft carpet. You slowly trudge upstairs. Your shoes in one hand and your phone in the other. You checked the messages on your phone. One was from Nash, the other from Lauren. You read Lauren's first. It read, 'how was tonight you lucky,lucky girl? Do you think you could set me up with Cameron maybe?' you giggle and reply with, ' it was great thanks, and I will try;)' you hit send and then open the message from Nash. This one read, ' hey gorgeous, tonight was amazing and I would love to take you on another date sometime? How about tomorrow?' you smile and put ' yeah that would be awesome' you press send and then put your phone down.

You go to your draw and pull out your older brothers top, your older brother was called Logan, but he had died in a car crash four years ago. He was only eighteen. You were traumatised as your hero had left you, and you were only 12. You slip it on and decide it was too warm to put on shorts and just stay in your underwear. You pull over your blankets and have a look on your phone to see what Nash has put.

' I have the perfect idea. Wear a costume underneath your clothes, I will be here to pick you up at 6 tomorrow morning, so you better get some sleep now, goodnight princess' you stare at your phone. Six o clock? Why on earth 6 in the morning?! You sigh and reply with a simple okay. You looked at the clock now, it said 9:59. you set an alarm for half past five sighing whilst doing it. Once your head hits the pillow, you realise you had been beaten and fall to sleep straight away.

Next morning.

You wake up to the sound of a beeping noise, and remember why. You groan and turn it off. Nash hadn't even told you why you were going out this early, you knew it was something to do with water as he had told you to put your costume on underneath. You get your nicest red bikini and put it on underneath some shorts and a swing vest. You looked outside and the sun wasn't even up. You comb your hair and put it into a messy bun. You were so tired you couldn't be bothered to do anything else with it. You don't bother with make up either. You brush your teeth for a good five minutes wondering where he was going to take you. You decide not to have breakfast because you could just have some while your out. It was so dark out side you wondered what on earth you would be doing. You text Nash to say your ready and that your really annoyed with him, he texts back saying he is on his way. You grab a towel and slip your phone into your pocket. There's a knock at your door.

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