Chapter 10 :)

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Josh's POV:

I Was Sitting On My Phone When It Went Really Silent I Was Sitting Singing To Myself "BOO" Emma Shouted From Behind The Sofa She Gave Me A Fright I Saw Emma Walking Upstairs I Caught Up With Her And Grabbed Her Arm She Turned Round To Face Me "What Was That For"? I Asked "I Thought It Would Be Funny" She Said Smiling She Looked So Cute When She Smiled "It Sure Was" I Said We Walked To My Room And I Shut The Door "So Tell Me A Bit About Yourself" I Asked "Your The Third Person To Ask Me This Today" She Said Giggling She Giggles Just Like George Does. "Well I'm Only Curious" I Said To Her She Started Smiling "Well I Am 19 Years Old And Work In Starbucks Not That Far From Here With My Best Friend Matthew And I Love Listening To Music" She Said "Any Music I Might Know"? I Asked Just Then She Brought Out Her Phone "This Is My Favourite Song Though" She Said Just Then I Instantly Knew The Song It Was Carry You "Oh I Know This Song" I Said She Started Giggling "Well You Would Know This Song It's One Of The Bands Songs" She Said I Started Singing Along To The Song That Song Is Still Stuck In My Head Ahh! "That Song Is Stuck In My Head Now" I Said Pulling A Pouting Face "Well What Can I Say I Always Have This Song In My Head" She Said. I Kept Listening To The Song Then I Heard My Solo In The Song "It's My Solo Yay" I Said To Her "Well No I Didn't Know It Was Someone Who Sound Exactly Like You" She Said Sounding Really Sarcastic But Oh Well...

George's POV:

Me And Jaymi Had Just Got Into The Car And Were Heading Home "I'm Going To Call Josh And Emma Hopefully They Haven't Trashed The House It's Not A Good Idea Leaving Them Two In The House" I Said To Jaymi And JJ I Heard Jaymi Giggling "So True George So True I Forgot We Left Them Behind" Jaymi Said Still Giggling JJ Keeping His Eyes Firmly On The Road But I Seen A Smile Creep Onto His Face "Just Hurry Up And Call Them" JJ Said "Okay Okay Moany Just Keep Those Eyes Firmly On The Road" I Said To JJ

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