Chapter 12

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Looking for Love- Chapter 12:

It's early in the morning and they are both sitting at a breakfast buffet on the beach.

"Do you think we will live on this island forever?" Said Taylor. "Well, I've never thought of moving before. It would be nice though." Kelsey told him. "Want to move in to my apartment for a little while? We could fly back here every weekend to see your mom." He said. "Really? That sounds so fun! Is love that, the only problem is my mom. She might not let me." Taylor grabs her hands and says "I'll take care of that, you'll be safe with me. I have a feeling we could be together forever."

Kelsey smiles and looks into Taylor's eyes. They get up kiss each other then walk over to pay for the meal. They leave and walk down the water which is nice and warm. "Let's go talk to your mom about this." Taylor said smiling. Then they walk to her mothers house, which is about 1 mile of the coast where they were. It didn't feel that long to them since they have to walk everywhere they want to go. Knocking on her front door, it creaks open by itself.

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