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Jung Seung Yeol

–      English name: Ethan, meaning strength or strong

–      Born in Seoul

–      Best friends with Soo Ji and Jung Su since diaper days

–      Lives with father after mother died while giving birth to his sister, Tae yeon.

–      Grandparents died in a train accident

–      Father became immersed in his work and hardly ever had time for seung yeol and tae yeon

–      Lives with Soo ji and Jung Su during their stay in Seoul nationa university

–      Lives his life trying to impress his father, who owns Daheun(meaning abundant grace; also the name of Seung Yeol’s mother) Empire group.

–      Has a tendency to space out and daydream

Kim Soo Ji

-       English name: Suzy;

-       Best friend of Seung Yeol and Jung Su

-       The ‘energy pill’ of the three

-       Comes from Busan

-       Became friends with Seung Yeol and Jung Su after kids were bullying her because of her accent and they defended her.

-       Daughter of the CEO of a large entertainment company

Lee Jung Su

-       English name:  Liam

-       Best friends with Seung Yeol and Soo ji

-       Born in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China but moved to Seoul when he was 3 due to his father’s new job which was to work as a lawyer for Daheun Empire Group

Jung Tae yeon

-       Homeschooled because of severe asthma and circulatory problems

-       Name means calm

-       Sister of seung yeol and daughter of the CEO of Daheun empire group

-       She is not allowed to go out of the house due to her sickness and develops a rebellious streak and sneaks out of the house to go to her “secret hideout”

-       Grew up isolated from most of her peers

Kim Eun Hae

-       Soo Ji’s overprotective brother

-       Acts as a big brother as well to Seung Yeol and Jung Su often getting them out of trouble without their parents knowing


Cho In Na

-       Taeyeon’s private tutor

-       Likes Eun Hae

Lim Eun Sang

- Taeyeon’s personal maid

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