I was watching TV alone. The girls were at their grandma's house and Loni was on her stupid date.. I hate myself right now.. that should be me taking her on dates not some dumbass that randomly popped up.

I sighed heavily turning the channel.

I can tell by the way you been lookin at your girlfriend

I can tell by the way you been wit yo girlfriend-

I picked up the phone and pressed talk

" Hello?"

"Hello? Chres?" A voice asks. I look at the caller ID realizing it was Loni.

" loni?"

" Its Yn. Listen, The jerk that was suppose to take Kiloni out never showed up. She's pretty torn up about it so come over my house and cheer her up." Yn says aggressively. I could tell on the phone she wasn't playing either.

" Iight I'll be there." I hung up, grabbed my jacket and keys and headed out the door. I set off to Yn's place which wasn't to far.


Once I parked and rang the bell, Ray opened the door.

"wessup man." he asked dapping me. I came in.

" Nothing much. you ?"

" Still gucci."

" where Loni at?" I ask looking around.

" Upstairs ballin' her eyes out."

I ran upstairs and peeped through Yn's door. Loni hid her face into a pillow still sulking. Yn smirked and poked Kiloni.

" Someone's here for you loni.."

Loni looked up placing her attention to me. Her eyes were red and puffy, Her face was covered in strands of her hair and she wasn't looking too happy. As soon as she saw me she hopped up from her spot and ran into my arms.

"How could he do this to me?" Loni asks in complete devastation.

I only hug her tighter and kiss her forehead then I whisper in her ear.

" Don't worry about him. If It was me , I would never have done this. You would stay with me for the whole night and everything. "

I feel her face rest in my neck as her arms were pulling me in close as we could. I had no problem with that, I've been way this closer then this with her.

"I wanna go home.." I hear her mutter. I nod and grab her things. After we told everyone goodbye , we got in the car and go home. The ride was quiet. She hadn't said one thing.

We got in the house and she ran up to her room. I went upstairs to sit her things in her room.

        I felt a tug on my arm as I was about to leave out her room.

" Can you stay w-with me ..please?" She asked teary eyed..

" Yeah cmon." I grabbed her hand and gets in her bed with her laying on my chest. 

            I felt her arms around my torso. I had my arms tightly embracing her.

" Chres?" I heard her say .

  " Yes?"

" Why can't I be loved.."

I paused and looked at her.

" I love you. more than life. I love you,  I love how you tense up when we sexual, I love how you try to be strict and give up laughing. I love how you make eggs and grits... them grits.." The last part made her laugh.

" Really ? " She looked in my eyes. I did the same.

" Yes. I could never lie to your gorgeous face." I say touching her cheek. She slightly smiles and yawns.

" I love you Chresanto August..." She says closing her eyes.

" I love you too Kiloni Lee."

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