Chapter 7

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"That was terrifying." Bea said waking me up. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, gazing at the clock I noticed it was only 1:00. "Y-Yeah. It felt so real." I stretched out my arms as I finally opened my eyes. "Too bad it's not over," Bea gave off a sinister smile. I noticed that I wasn't in my room any longer, when did this simulation start again? I stood up and prepared myself for a fight, "Darling you can't beat me. You should sit and listen to my sales." Her sales? I didn't argue so I sat down and waited for her to talk again. "Our first is Mr. Harry Styles (Odair), but don't start picking through your pockets yet because our second and final offer is Mr. Kailua," she doesn't know his last name. Why does this surprise me? I sat and looked from Harry to Kailua. I knew he was watching this so I shouldn't choose Harry, but what if that's what he wanted me to choose. I took a step back, creating a distance between me and them, "Choose! The price is simple, if you can shoot one you can have the other." I realized the weight in my hand as a pistol appeared. My hands shook as I aimed the gun, wait! I turned the gun slightly and clicked the bullet into place. Bea had a smirk on her face and I had made up my mind. I shot, Harry and Kailua disappeared leaving me in the surrounding darkness and the sounds of Bea's cry.

"How did you do that?" Kailua asked as he shut off the machine. I shrugged my shoulders as I regained my breath, "I just remembered that it wasn't real. That you and Harry weren't in any trouble." Kailua had a puzzled look on his face, "That's dangerous Danni. You need to never do that again, only a Divergent would do that." A Divergent? Kailua worked on the computer for a second, "What's a Divergent?"

"It means you're uncontrollable."

"Why is that dangerous?"

"You can with stand any simulations they put you through."

"How is that so bad?"

"Danni. Being a Divergent is the most dangerous thing for our humans. You must never tell anyone. Now, I'll delete the proof but," Kailua leaned his forehead against my own, "Be careful Danni." I nodded though I didn't quiet understand. I walked back to my room. "Bea!"

"Danni, you're back."

"Yeah. We had the last series before the test."

"Ah. I wasn't called for some reason. Do you know why?" Bea started to raise her voice.

"No, what's wrong Beatrice?"


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