I kept an eye on Harry all night as he talked to my parents effortlessly. He seemed nice to them, but what I heard on the other end of that door was way different. He was up to something strange and hopefully our family could stop him. I felt like he was the complete opposite to what my family would like, but somehow they loved him. They must have been blind to what he really was. And that was a cussing, up to no good stranger.

Believe me, I never judged anyone. I don't care if you're fat, thin, ugly, pretty, smart, dumb. But I can sense trouble a mile away.

I couldn't believe Harry was going to be attending my school for six months. This sucked, this really sucked. You'd think the school would say no? He wasn't even a christian?

I pushed my thoughts aside as I stared into my small bathroom mirror, fixing my tie and top button as I tightly pulled them together. My hair was down naturally, making no time styling it as my school bus was aproaching in ten minutes. Not that I styled my hair anyways.

I was ready, my uniform was neatly presented and my skin was washed and clear of any acne, thankfully. I smiled to myself before exiting the bathroom and pulling up my knee socks. Honestly, I really hated the uniform.

"Sing it in the valleys, shout it from the mountain tops. Jesus came to save us, and his saving never stops-"

"What are you singing?" A deep voice spoke behind me as I was at the top of the stairs. I weakened, shrugging my shoulders in embarrassment as he pushed himself past me.

It's not like I loved singing that song, I just had to learn it for our service today.

I slowly walked downstairs, seeing my mother and father sitting in the living room as the stranger, Harry wandered into the kitchen.

I followed him, my nose in the air as I inspected him looking through the fridge. Seconds later he pulled out an apple.

Rebel was written all over him.

He suddenly snapped his head towards me as I tried to hide, but he tilted his face to the side and licked his lips. His very big lips.

"Can I help you?" He murmured almost angrily, standing back a little as he frowned his eyebrows and crossed his arms.

I shook my head, scanning his body as he was in uniform also. Mam and dad must've bought it for him.

"I just want some breakfast." I muttered, reaching into the fridge and reaching for an apple also. I liked my apples refrigerated.

He looked at me intently, his mouth slowly moving as he brought the apple to his mouth and took a harsh bite, his jawline tensing as he chewed.

I stared back also, taking a bite out of my apple as his eyes wandered down my body, gaping at my uniform.

"I guess we'll be eating breakfast together every day, then." I spoke trying to make conversation so he could please, for the love of God, reassure me that he wasn't as bad as he seemed.

His lips went into a straight line. "I'd rather eat alone."

I gasped, but before I could retaliate he swiftly marched past me. I was... speechless, looking down at myself. Wow, that was... that was intense.

I gulped, walking to the front door as Harry was heading for it also, his head down.

His shoulder bag looked new. Mam and dad must have bought it for him. Or he could have stolen it...

I gazed at him as I was stood behind him, my eyes wandering over his tall figure. There was no way he was eighteen. I wasn't going to question, but I was curious.

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