Divergent by Veronica Roth (Alternate Version)

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Since I’ve poorly written my review on Divergent I decided to do it again because it’s one of my favourite book and I think my review should give justice. So here it is,

I love plot twists and great endings so when my friend recommend this book to me and told me she’s been hearing great things about its ending I decided to buy it and I surely didn’t regret it. When I started reading it I seriously can’t put the book down. The book is filled with PLOT TWIST and unforeseen turn of events that I really like. It sets on a dystopian society and Veronica Roth never failed to get out of that element. The dystopian atmosphere stays until the end.

Many people are comparing The Hunger Games and Divergent most of the time because of its similarities so to be honest, yes Divergent reminds me of The Hunger Games and actually Harry Potter too, wonder why Harry Potter? Because the people are being classified based on their characteristics and branded by a specific name. For instance Ravenclaw is a house in Harry Potter Series for the smart as well as Erudite for Divergent. But even if there are similarities, Divergent is still different from those two books and people should stop comparing it.

Divergent is an action packed novel that had me jumping out of my seat and literally screaming because of too much feels. Beatrice has been born in a society where you can only have one quality but Divergent takes us in Beatrice/Tris life where she fights to prove that you can be selfless, brave and intelligent all at the same time. This is the book that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who loves action, bravery, a little romance, and a ton of adventure.

Another thing that I love about Divergent is the element of romance in the book is properly introduce. If you are in a Dystopian Society, you should think of your safety first not your lovelife and that’s what I like about this book. Most books contain whiny, self-centered protagonist that needs to be loves, taken care of and just be pretty and everything but that’s a big NO NO here for tris. She’s badass as hell and I love her for that. I loved how she can stand out, even thou she’s been discriminated inside the Dauntless initiatin (*cough* Peter)

If I would think about it, Veronica Roth can fit into dauntless because she’s not afraid to kill. It’s just the first book and Veronica already kill many people including loveable character like Tris parents that surely make us bawl in our sits. It’s very bold for an author to do that because not all readers will like that and the still chose to kill characters.

Veronica Roth did an amazing job with Divergent and she is able to keep the reader interested the entire way through. If you Dystopian story, Divergent is a less gruesome but still action-packed novel. I would recommend this book for teens, young adults, and adults.

Rating : 5/5

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