Chapter 1

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Dan sat on the couch, scrolling through tumblr, waiting on Phil to get out of the shower. He and Phil were going to make another collab video as some of their fans had asked for, which was going to be of them having a pancake cook off. Dan was excited. He always loved making videos with Phil, not only because they were best friends, but because they worked so well together. He and Phil always joked about how they were like video soulmates.

Dan sipped his coffee, still scrolling through tumblr, and he just so happen to scroll past a Phan picture. He stopped and looked at it, and couldn't help but think it was just so adorable.

It was a drawn gif, and it started as him, sitting on a chair, looking awfully sad. Then, Gif Phil sat down beside him, saw how unhappy he was, and ask Gif Dan what was wrong. Gif Dan just said "I'm just sad." Gif Phil, looked down at his feet and thought a moment, then he reach from behind him and pulled out a flower crown and placed it on Gif Dan's head, and then put one on his own head. Gif Dan's smiled a small smile, and Gif Phil hugged him and said "I love you Dan. Be happy." Gif Dan's face turned red with surprise, then he smiled and hugged Gif Phil, saying "I love you too, Phil."

"Aw," real Dan said as the gif finished. He smiled a little and clicked to save the little image. Just as it saved, Dan heard Phil come out of the bathroom. He walked into the living room, towel in his hand, drying his hair.

"On tumblr?" He asked, sitting beside Dan. Dan notice he was wearing Dan's favorite shirt of Phil's, the one with the little lion, and Dan's skinny jeans. He couldn't help but think Phil looked adorable, with his messy wet hair and out fit.

"Aren't I always?" Dan said, stirring his thoughts back to reality.

"True." Phil said as he stretched out his legs, wiggling his toes in his socks.

"You about ready to make a video?" Dan asked.

"Do we have to today?" Phil replied, his head on the back of the couch, and his eyes closed.

Dan couldn't help but think of how cute he was. "Yes, you were the one who put it on twitter that we would, noodle head."

Dan put his laptop on the table and smack Phil's knee as he stood up. "Come on, sunshine. Let's go make pancakes."

Phil grunted, but sat up and rubbed his eyes, then followed Dan into the kitchen.

They set up the camera and were making a video in no time at all.

"Hey guys!" Dan said to the camera as he stood next to Phil in front of the stove. "As you all asked we are doing a Pancake Show Down!" Dan wiggled his fingers and Phil chuckled.

"In this 'showdown'," Phil said, picking up a pan, "we will try to cook the better pancake in under 10 minutes. Whoever wins gets to tell the other person what to do for a whole week."

"Rules are: there are no ruuuules," Dan said, and pumped his fist in the air.

"Alright, let's get started!" Phil turned toward the stove and got his pancake batter ready.




They started baking in a wild frenzy, mixing and adding and putting stuff in their pans. Phil bumped his elbow into Dan's and made him spill his batter on the counter while he was pouring it, and Phil chuckled.

"Oh yeah?" Dan jokingly huffed. He took some flour and threw it on Phil's still damp hair.

"Hey! I just got a bath, you ass!" Phil laughed, then he bumped Dan with his shoulder, proceeding to laugh and hurriedly tried to finish cooking his pancake.

Dan laughed and couldn't stop. "You looked like you've aged 40 years!" He had to pause making his pancake and he bent over, laughing.

"'Cause you put bloody flour in my hair, noodle brain!" Phil replied, still laughing and baking. "Done!"

"What?" Dan said, finally making his laugher subside a bit.

"I'm done, you perp. While you were laughing at my now snow white hair, I finished. Guess whose a slave for a week?" Phil wiggled his eye brows and took a bite out of his almost burnt-on-one-side pancake.

"Damnit." Dan muttered and grinned at the camera. Phil pumped his fist in the air while looking at the camera.

"And now you see who can make a better pancake faster. Oh and Dan, yours is burning."

Dan turned to see that his was, indeed, burning on the stove. He cursed and turned off the stove and then moved the pan to a cool eye.

Phil laughed, and then looked back at the camera. "Well," he said, "that's it for this video guys."

"Click subscribe right here to subscribe to my channel," Dan said, pointing at the air above his head, "and click here to subscribe to Phil's channel."

Dan poked Phil on the butt, and Phil chuckled. "Thanks Dan." He took another bite of his pancake and Dan felt his heart jump from how adorable Phil looked with his flour-white hair and his messy hands.

He moved to the camera and turned it off, trying to get thoughts out of his mind. Why was his heart fluttering? It was just Phil.

"Think they'll like it?" Phil said, leaning against the counter, still eating his pancake with his hands.

"I think they will." Dan said, brushing his hands on his jeans, leaving white marks on his pants. He cursed again and said, "I need to go change."

"Same here." Phil said. "And I need another bath." He pointed to his head, and they both laughed.

"Well, come on old man." Dan said playfully, and moved toward the door.

Phil put his pancake back in the now cool pan, and moved toward the door with Dan. Suddenly, he slipped on batter that had fallen on the floor. Dan, being close to him, caught him.

"Woah," they both said. Dan helped Phil settle back on his feet, looking at the floor to make sure there wasn't any more batter. He looked up and noticed his hands were still on Phil's hips, and Phil's on his shoulders. Phil looked up and looked Dan in the eye with a look of soft surprise.

The eye contact lasted a full 3 seconds, and then Dan cleared his throat and said "That was a close one."

He dropped his hands from Phil's waist and Phil put his arms down from Dan's shoulders.

"Yeah, thanks." he said, looking around on the floor, then back at Dan. "Come on, lets go change."

They shuffled out of the kitchen, and Dan went to his room and Phil went to the bathroom.

"Hey, you wanna help me edit the video later today?" Phil said, standing in the bathroom door way.

"Sure," Dan said, relieved their eye contact was already forgotten.

"Okay cool." Phil said, and then closed the door to the bathroom, and a few seconds later, Dan heard the water going, and then he went into his room. He closed the door and leaned against it, and put his head in his hands, trying to get the butterflies in his stomach to calm down. When they finally did, Dan changed his pants to some sweat pants and went to get his laptop, bringing it back to his room. He opened it, and went to his files and looked at the Phan gif picture again. He sighed, closed his laptop, and laid down to take a nap, Gif Dan and Phil still in his mind as he fell asleep.

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