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Ashton POV

The moment me and Mikey set our foot in Sydney Airport we want nothing more than to book the first plane back to L.A.

Sydney feels... Different when we're not with the rest of our friends.

We took a deep sigh in sync and start to collect our luggage in the moving thingy that I don't know the name of. Not that I care anyway. I just want to be back with Luke.

We walked out from our terminal to meet whoever Adam has signed to pick us up. However, when I found a familiar figure with a familiar blonde hair, I couldn't help but feel surprised.

"KEISHA? Is that really you?" The girl turn around, and as soon as she sees me she let out a squeal and run towards me.

"ASH! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH." The blonde girl with green highlight girl run towards Ashton. She then latched herself onto me, making me twirl her in the air.

"Me too sis, why are you here?"

"Your management called me and says that I need to pick you up and let you and Mike to stay at my place. They said you need to be seen with people around your age so the fans would believe that the "you know what" incident is just an accident. Sorry about what happened to Luke, Ash. They told me." I just send her a slight smile as she engulf me in a hug.

Now you may be wondering who this girl is. Her name is Keisha Irwin. She's my closest cousin since she's just a year younger than me. We like to think of each others as siblings rather than cousins because we're just that close, and seeing her here and knowing that I would get to spend my time here with her kinda lift my mood a little bit.

But I still miss Lukey though.

After releasing me from her hug, she comes to Michael and high five him. They both got along really well the last time she comes to visit us.

"Uh Kei, who's that girl with you?" Michael point out to a pretty girl who stood awkwardly a little bit behind us.

"Ah, yes! That's my friend. Sorry J, that was very rude of me. So guys, this is Jnaina, but you could just call her JJ. She's my bestest friend in the world and she's also my roommate, which means you would be staying with her too so behave guys." Keisha introduce us to her.

She give us a shy smile and blush at the ground and I try really hard to contain myself to not coo at her because she's just that cute.

But Luke is cuter tho. Dammit, I always think of Luke. I really miss him.

"Uhm, hi guys." She squeaks out.

"Hi JJ, sorry that you kinda have to live with us. Our management kinda sucks sometimes." I held out my hand for her to shake. She hesitantly reach out for my hand and shook it gently.

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