Chapter 21

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Your Pov

Yawning,I stretched from my spot.Cracking a little my back and every single muscle (cause I can).I got out from my bed and walked to my bathroom. Looking at my clock it was 8 in the afternoon.Wow, I slept a lot.

I splashed some water on my face and went back to my room.I felt a weird presence surrounding me,  so I looked around.I was really strange.Like someone was glaring daggers through me.Freaking a little out,I turned around to face my window,my eyes widened as I found two green eyes staring right through mine.

I checked them carefully to see that it was Chat.Ha! I knew that it was him.I walked to him, with a deadpan expression.Before opening the door to him I stopped dead in my tracks.

Why didn't he just come in here since he has a key?I looked at him one more time to see that it was him, because it looked like him.Same suit,same mask,same cat ears everything was the same.

Heck even his small cute kitten face was the same so I just guessed that he forgot the key or something.I unlocked the door and I swung it open to find Chat siting there.

Confused I looked at him.He didn't even say a 'hi my purrincess'. Nothing.He had his  back facing me.

"Chat?Are you alright?"I asked slightly worried.He chuckled lowly,  almost like those evil laughs that they have in Disney movies.He shrugged a little,still looking at the distance."Oh I'm better than alright."He said and turned around to face me.

But not with one of his heartwarming smiles or even his famous flirty smirks.No no,it was a wicked grin almost like one that a maniac would have.

I took a step back,a little frightened by his appearance.He just came closer to me and out of nowhere I was caged by his arms. I started shouting and kicking but he wouldn't bulge.

This wasn't my lovely boyfriend that loved me and cared about me.This was simply a copy cat.

I wiggled, kicked and even punched but he only tightened his hold on me. I started screaming and he stuck a hand on my face. I bit his gloved hand and he hissed, his grip around me loosening.

I got out and quickly rushed to get a flower pot.As he was about to attack me once more I smashed the pot on his head, making him loose consciousness. (FLOWER POWER).

I took a deep breath,before calming down.I placed a palm on my forehead and muttered,cursing under my breath.I took a glance of the figure in front of me and quickly ran inside to get my phone.

I called the only person that I knew that was right for the job. Dialing the number I waited for the to answer.


"ADRIEN COME RIGHT HERE I NEED YOUR HEL-"The phone line was dead so I guessed that he was on his way to me.I looked outside to find the dude still unconscious on the ground.Quickly,I took out a box that on it wrote "CAMPING".

I opened it and from inside it I got some rope.I walked out the double doors of my balcony and reached the supposed 'Chat Noir'.I quickly tied his hands to the railing of my balcony and I faced him.

I took a chair and sat there,just looking at him,more like glaring. After 5 seconds Chat landed next to me,panting."What's...wrong prin-OMG! "He shouted shocked.

I stood up and pointed at the tied up copy cat or whatever his name was."See?I told you that someone like you was following me" I stated crossing my arms.He placed an arm around my waist and held me close to his side,he nipped my nose.

"I'm sorry for not believing you kitten!"He said and I shook my head.

"It's ok"I said and we both heard groaning from behind us.We snapped our heads to the source of the sound to find copycat with heavy eyes.

"I'll handle this sweetheart."Chat growled a little,as he looked at the other cat.I nodded and sat down on the chair again . Chat smashed his fist against the wall next to the copycat, making him flinch and jump up.

He looked at Chat and smirked and little.Chat hissed."WHY THE HELL WERE YOU SPYING ON MY GIRLFRIEND?"Chat screamed, more than asked.The other one just took a glance of me and then looked back at Chat.

"Why should I answer that?"He asked and you could see Chat's rage from miles away.This guy wanted to piss Chat off.And he was succeeding.

Chat's tail started swinging from left to right from his anger and his claws started extending slightly. My eyes widened.Hell no.I wasn't going to have a cat fight on my balcony.No way.

"Ok let me handle this "I said pushing Chat away.The copy wiggled his eye brows at me."Why hello there beautiful~" He purred and I could hear Chat's hissing from behind me.I rolled my eyes.

"Why were you following me and why did you try to capture me?" I asked him seriously."Well...why wouldn't I?You're so stunning and hot that it's like you are calling for me!"That was the final straw for Chat.

He pounced on him, claws placed tightly around copycat's neck.Chat glared deeply at him."DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO MY PRINCESS LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN " Chat spat in his face.I gasped and pulled him away.

"Chat I said I'll handle it"I reminded and he frowned,siting behind me.I sighed and looked at the smirking cat in front of me.

"Now...can you please answer me...

                                                                     Who are you...?"

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