Wings of Lucifer

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Deep within the chasms of frozen eternity,

the angel of old sleeps in agonizing serenity.

An ancient evil that diction fails to transcribe,

a divine creature once known as the Holy One's acolyte.

A tragic fall from grace,

to serve as shame's very own showcase.

Sins riddled his decaying soul,

bright wings stained with blazing charcoal.

Hatred mired from three mouths of evil,

enduring torment for the pursuit of pride's upheaval.

Clipping the tongue of the Father of Lies,

pondering over the days he waged war against the skies.

Enormous black wings unfurled like churning fire,

igniting the wicked in the grasp of a liar.

Over the great valley of Hell he towers,

an ocean of sinners he humbly devours.

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