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Time skip (trying to speed things up so I can explain better). *sips tea* ;)


"Brycin, I need to train." I growled while I tried to push him away to get through the door.

"Aphrodite, as your beta, and as your best friend, you need to relax and spend your twentieth birthday with food." I give him a blank face and cross my arms over my chest.

"Look, Brycin. I know it's my birthday today, but I don't want to celebrate it. I want to train." I grip his shoulders and look in his grey eyes. "We are so close to being number one! We took down five pack in these last five years! We can take down Valdus. I know we can! I believe it! I don't want to stop training. I don't. I've done this for the past birthdays of mine, why not this one too!? Brycin, I know he knows a female is almost taking his title away, and I want to be the one who laughs in his face. Please, let's just go train."

He growled but sighed, "fine, but you are going to have a pack dinner. I already arranged it."

"Okay." I smiled and gave him a hug. I ran down the stairs and towards the training field and see everyone waiting for me and Brycin.

They all bowed their heads and smiled at me. "Alpha." Some said while others said happy birthday to me. I smiled at them and went to the front.

"Like I said my last birthday, I'm just happy that we are so close to becoming number one. So, like I said when I was younger, we train everyday." I look around and my pack is toned, even the women. I smiled because it feels good to lead a pack that respects you and trust in you to take care of them.

"And each birthday that comes my way. Thank you. Thank you for actually giving me the title of being your Alpha, even though in beginning you guys didn't want to be lead by a fifteen year old." I chuckle, some chuckled with me while the others smiled.

"Anyway, we can-"

"Wait! There is going to be a pack dinner after this work out. To celebrate our Alphas birthday." Brycin yelled and smiled. I rolled my eyes at him but my smile never left my face.

"Okay, now let's go tra-"

Alpha! There's a pack coming, and they're coming fast!

I felt my eyebrows furrow together, what? What side of the territory?

South side. We're coming back, there's no way we can take down these many wolves!

Okay, met in the training field!

Yes Alpha.

"We are going under attack." I said calm.

Their eyes grew wide and they started to look around. "We trained for this, it's probably some weak pack that thinks they can takeover this pack. Listen. They're coming from south side. Our border patrol is coming and we'll be ready. So mindlink your family, because like each time we fought someone's territory, there's always some who doesn't make it. So, mindlink your family while I mindlink the some to start hiding the children somewhere in the pack house."

What a birthday surprise.

Shut up Eris, I don't need you in my head right now.

But can I say something about who's coming-

No because you'll be blocked.

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